The Cinch by We R Memory Keepers – Binding Report

I bought the Cinch the second it was available.  Then it sat…and it sat…and it sat.  Until yesterday.  Yesterday DH asked me if I could bind a report for him.  What?!  YES!  I sure can! 😀

Well…I said I could do it, but I’d not used the Cinch a single time.  LUCKILY…there are directions right on the machine itself.  So, I read them. 😉

You can use either Zutter OR Cinch wires! 😀

I was THRILLED to find that the Zutter 1″ wires that I had on hand for my Bind it All worked PERFECTLY with the Cinch.  YAY!  I thought they would, but I never say things will work until I’ve tried it myself.  Hey…they work.  LOL!  Now, of all the times to try out a new machine why did it have to be on a report that was THAT big?

I love that you can lay down the paper instead of having to stand it up like you do with the Zutter Bind It All.  I also love the large handle.  You just push that down to make the holes.  YAY!  It’s much easier to have a large handle than a small one.  You pull out (slightly) any of the buttons where you don’t want a hole to be punched.

See peg #10?  I’ve got it pulled out so it won’t punch a hole there.

When you have something longer than the Cinch’s punching area, you just move the item down and punch again.  There’s a little black peg on the far left.  You put the peg in the second hole from the right to help you line up correctly for continued punching.  See all of those little paper hole pieces?  I dumped them out of the tray that catches them.  I didn’t have a garbage can close by so I dumped them there.  Hey, there’s no point in pretending that I’m a tidy little crafter.  Forget about it!  LOL!

Squeeze the wires closed on the other end of the Cinch.

I forgot to show you one of my favorite things about this machine.  It has a great little holder on the side where you can hook your wires.  This was EXTREMELY helpful to me when putting all of these pages on the wires.  Whew.   Thank you whoever thought of that! 😀

There’s a knob on the side of the machine where you choose the size of the wires you are using.  I was using 1″, so I turned it to that.  Then you stick your wired edge into the back of the machine and SQUISH!  Again you’re using the big handle to squeeze the wires.  You don’t use the little pink part at the bottom.  That would be too difficult. 😉

I never can find my wire cutters in my tool box, so THANK GOODNESS I own this little set of Bind It All tools.  Because they are pink and have their own little pouch, I usually have them where they belong…in the case with my Bind It All.  So, I used them to help me clip the excess wire that I didn’t need.  You should have some wire cutters on hand when binding.

I own both the Bind it All and the Cinch.  I think the Cinch is my favorite of the two.  If you have the Bind It All you don’t need to rush out and buy the Cinch and vice versa.  Either are good for binding.  If you don’t have either one, I think you might be really happy with the Cinch. 😉

Here are posts where I’ve used the Bind It All.

Here’s a comparison between the Cinch and the Bind It All.

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  1. Joy,
    Thanks for the explanationof the Cinch. I have seen the Cinch, and wanted the Cinch but so far I am happy with my BIA. I think there are probably pros and cons with both machines, as with everything else.
    Stacy 🙂

  2. Thanks for the review on the Cinch. Is this machine heavy? Just wondering… I think I “need” this item!

    1. Jenza22,
      The Cinch is heavier than the Bind It All. Let me go weight it for you…I’ll be right back… (insert waiting room music here, LOL) …
      Ok, I’m back!
      The Cinch weighs 6 lbs 12 oz. The Bind It All weight 2 lbs 13 oz. The Cinch is much bigger than the BIA too. Check out my comparison of the two HERE.
      I hope that helps! 🙂

  3. Yay!!! My new password that you redid for me worked. Thanks Joy. I have been looking at the Cinch and Bind It All since it came out. Now that I have seen your post on this I think I would prefer the Cinch. This may be on my Christmas wish list

  4. winnielosie says:

    I am with you Joy on liking the Cinch better. Like you i own both of them and the cinch wins hands down. I got a large wire cutters with mine and i leave right on top of my table top in a organizer easy to see and right there at all times.

  5. I’ve not gotten either one of these yet, I go back and forth trying to decide which I need, and then end up getting nothing! LOL SO, thanks for the review!

  6. Thanks for sharing some info on the Cinch. I’ve got a binding machine on my wish list, I just haven’t decided which one. I like the size of the BIA, but I like that you can choose the holes with the Cinch. It’ll probably come down to which one I find for the better deal. I’ll be happy with either one!

  7. cool machine…..i have the “my story” binder…but it only binds the covers it comes with….they are glued not really binded like your machine.


    1. Mickey,
      I have the Your Story too and I haven’t use it yet! 😛 I’m so bad! 😉

  8. finecrafter says:

    I have the BIA but I really think I’d like the Cinch because you can lay the paper down to punch. Sometimes it’s difficult to hold the paper upright in the BIA. Plus I just have to have every gadget out there! Thanks for sharing your opinion!

  9. I have just “played” with my Cinch and I love it. I haven’t made a “real” project with it yet. I have researched for so long to figure out which one was the best and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I only saw a couple of reviews that were negative saying you couldn’t line up your holes. I just played with it and ALWAYS would my holes line up. I LOVE IT!!!

  10. comtnmist says:

    I’ll send you pics of the baby album I made using the Cinch. My Cinch came with a set of needle nose pliers with wire cutters. AND…make sure you save those little pieces of access binding rings…you can use them for small tag books or whatever. Take care!!
    Sheryl Kemper 🙂

  11. lauraleed says:

    I think the Cinch will be my first scrapbooking purchase now that I am back to work… I have been trying to decide from the two … thanks…

  12. I don’t have either, but have been debating. Thanks for the info!!! 🙂

  13. NurseTraciScrapper says:

    Thanks for the great info on the Cinch, Joy….MUST get one!

    ([email protected])

  14. I am so glad you posted this as I have been wanting a binding machine for a while now but did not know which to go for. The cinch is not readily available here in the UK so I guess I will buy a bind it all as there is not much difference.
    Kim xXx

  15. You sure made it look easy to use!

    I want to bind something now.. I just dont know what!!

    LOL TFS!

  16. I ordered a binding machine and I can’t wait to get it!

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Lemondrops says:

    My wish list is getting painfully long!

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