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Ah ha!  The 14th almost slid by me unnoticed again but I was too quick for it this time!  If you’ve been coming to Joy’s Life for a while then you know that the 14th of each month means two things: ONE = a give away (woo hoo!) and TWO = a thank you to you!  I set aside the 14th of every month just to say, “Thank you to all of you who keep coming to Joy’s Life!”  I thank you SO MUCH!  It is wonderful to have such a supportive, friendly, fun and creative group of people come by and hang out with me for a while.  This month I was really touched by the kindness, laughter and tears many of you shared with me on my Joy Joyslife Facebook page.  We talked about the death of a parent because I lost my Dad in May eleven years ago.  We also talked about the difficulties in seeing our children grow, even when they are reaching the milestones we’d always dreamed they would.  “Momming” is quite the tough job, isn’t it?  My daughter is leaving for college soon and it’s harder for me than I had anticipated.  I’m so proud of her but didn’t I just give birth to her about 2o minutes ago?  Overall, I decided that maybe this feeling of a heart almost breaking could just be my heart GROWING.   I sure am going to miss her but I want her to go and dream her dreams.  On this day after Mother’s day, I wish all the Mom’s out there the very best.  It’s a joy holding their little hands and a privilege when their big hands reach for yours.

On that tear inspiring note, I’m glad my Puffs Plus are near and I think I should give something silly away, don’t you?

It Shoe is Give Away Time

Ok, my crafty friends all you have to do is leave a comment to be entered for a chance to win this Scotch Shoe Dispenser with Magic Tape.  Don’t forget, you can now sign in to leave a comment using Facebook, Twitter and some other quick ways.

I’ll list the winner here on May 21st.  Good luck!

And the Winner is:

Barbara Alexandersays:
May 14, 2012 at 7:53 PM
Cute tape dispenser! It would look great sitting on my crafting table. Thanks for the opportunity to win.
Thanks for sharing your time, talents, and ideas with us.

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  1. Hi joy, Love the High heel tape dispenser. It would look fantastic on my desk.

  2. Everything is better with new shoe(s)!! Great giveaway Joy! Its so hard to watch our kids grow up and away ….. hugs to you!! It is but a step in our journeys as mothers. I am looking forward to our 1st grandbaby in Oct! Time goes so quickly, dont blink!!

  3. Change…one of the constants in our lives. 🙂 Enjoy these fleeting days, they are precious.

  4. This post made me tear up a little. My kiddies are preschool and elementary age and keep me busy. There are some days that seem like they’ll be at this stage forever but I know it will go by fast. Sometimes I just have to stop and enjoy their “littleness” for a while. Congratulations to your daughter and to you for getting her to this milestone! High school graduation and entering college really helped me appreciate my mom and the older I get our friendship just seems to get stronger.

  5. I agree, time flies to fast. It seems like yesterday I was buying stollers and diapers, now my kids a years bigger. LOL. Cute tape shoe dispenser. Thanks for the chance.

    Sew Sweet N Crafty
    [email protected]

  6. As my kids are out of school already and taking tape left and right to hang new things on their walls/doors/bookshelves and anywhere else they can get away with it, this shoe dispenser would be great for me to have as MINE and mine alone. Thanks.

  7. That is an adorable tape dispenser and I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t “walk” off my desk by my sons! I lost my dad this year in January and I’m still a wreck. I do find that crafting helps me cope…thanks for the distraction!

    1. Jksmitley,
      I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your father. When I first got my Cricut it really helped me through some tough days. I think there is something very healing about creating. I hope that each day gets much easier for you.
      Super hugs & best wishes,

  8. Love the tape dispenser and would love to see it sitting on my crafting desk. You’ll be fine with your daughter going off to college. Just think of it as she is starting a new chapter of her life. She will always and forever be your little girl.

    Happy Crafting !!!!!!

  9. Cute tape dispenser! It would look great sitting on my crafting table. Thanks for the opportunity to win.
    Thanks for sharing your time, talents, and ideas with us.

    scrapbooknut67114 at gmail dot com

  10. Very fun tape dispenser! My kids are all grown but now I have grandchildren which are a joy.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  11. I need this dispenser. I love shoes. It would definitely be a “statement” sitting on my desk!

  12. I also lost my Father, it has been 2yrs and still feels like yesterday! And my kids are starting to leave as well! I should buy stock tissues!!!! Lol!!!! Very NICE give away!!!!!

    1. Cardcrazymamma,
      I am so sorry! The first few years after losing a parent are the very hardest, I think. HUGS!!!!
      You and I might need to buy a pallet or two of tissue. Maybe they’d give us a discount!
      I do hope you have some very happy days on your horizon. 🙂
      Super hugs,

  13. Super Joy! HELP!!

    Sorry to contact you about a product order on the comment form, but I couldn’t get the e-mail Super Joy to work! I have tried ordering a few sets of stamps, but my order won’t go through. After I type in my credit card info, it jumps to a pay pal page and says I can’t continue.??!! I’ve ordered the same way before, so I don’t know what the problem is???

  14. I saw this at my local Walmart it is terribly cute!!!!! Thanks for everything you share

  15. I LOVE that tape dispenser! I am a confessed shoe-a-holic. I love shoes…only thing better then new craft supplies is a new pair (or 2 or 3) of shoes 🙂 My daughter (she’ll be 25 on the 4th of July) takes after me in that capacity. She moved to GA a year ago, I miss her a ton by we still talk all the time.

  16. When our older daughter got married 8-1/2 years ago, her dad (and my husband), who is a minister, married her to her husband. In his message to them he began by saying, “Holly, the night you were born, your mother and I went to sleep and woke up this morning. Raising you and your siblings was a dream – not a nightmare – the most pleasant dream of our life, but we woke up too soon. So we are still in shock at the quick passage of time. But, it’s OK.” So I understand your “wasn’t she just born 20 minutes ago” statement! They now have 2 children of their own and are realizing the quick passage of time. What’s really funny is that she LOVES shoes and I HATE shoes!! But I LOVE the dispenser!!

  17. Hi Joy…as I try to wipe through my tears…your post really touched me, I want to first thank you for your condolences on my FB page, on the recent passing of my Father April 5th…he was way to young 60… That “C” took him way to early, I really don’t know how I will get through this, it has been a rough start to 2012, my hubbie got Laid off from work, my dog passed in Feb., and my dad in April…hopefully that is my 3 (things happening in 3’s)
    I have meet some GREAT crafty friends in this bloggie world and I am so grateful for all of you…
    my son is graduating this year…but not leaving the nest just yet… 🙂
    I LOVE this tape dispenser…Thank you so much for the chance to win

  18. I agree! Our kids grow up way too fast. I even now have 4 grandchildren with another due in August. You really need to enjoy them when they are little because they don’t stay little for nearly long enough. Thanks for the chance to win this darling stiletto tape dispenser. How cute is that!! 🙂

  19. Love it! The worlds cutest tape dispenser. Enjoy the summer with your daughter—create lots of memories and giggles 🙂

  20. I know how hard it is to see them grow up and go out into the world… My Son Graduated HS Last year… And Man was it tough at first….. Then he was home ALL summer that year and by the time summer vacation was ending…. I Seriously could not wait for him to leave! I had my hubby & other son pack his car up while I took him to the store for last minute things for college… I know that sounds terrible… but it’s true! I LOVE and Adore ALL my kids but when they get to that “AGE” of I’m all grown up and I don’t need your help.. (When they still do need your help) 🙂 They drive ya crazy…. My friend told me…. That she thinks they act that way after graduation to make it easier on the parents… without realizing their doing it… All I can say is… I cried when he graduated then couldn’t wait for him to leave by that August! LOL I hope it’s different for you…. I mean it’s your daughter sooo I’m not sure if they act similar in that sense…. But hug her as much as you can now… cuz it won’t be long when you won’t get to do that anymore…. 🙁 My Son decided not to come home for the summer…. instead he got 2 jobs and is staying up north with a friend… YES I miss him… But I want him to do whats best for him and I think he’s headed in the right direction! Apparently I’m going on and on… Sorry about that! Thanks for the cool “Shoe giveaway! 🙂


  21. What a cute tape dispenser this would look awesome in my craft room. Thanks for a chance to win!

  22. I love this shoe in Black… I’ve seen pink & red shoes, but not in black!!! I could really use a cute tape dispenser on my craft table! Love it 🙂

  23. this shoe dispenser is too cute! I would love to have it! and I understand about our babies being born 20 minutes ago…and now are going out in the world! so good luck to both of us!
    thanks for the chance to win!

  24. I am new to Joy’s Life….and I love it!! Really cute ideas and so many different products used!!!
    My friend has this adorable shoe tape dispenser and I have admired it…. would absolutely love
    one of my own. We work in an elementary school and the kids get such a kick out of things
    like this….I hope hope hope that I win!!! 😉

  25. Just like you to give away something that reeks of your adorable, witty, marvelous personality!!!!!! How fabulous is that tape dispenser?! I adore pumps & black goes w/ everything!! Thanks for the chance at this one!!
    My “Little one” is going to be 28 in Aug!!!! Where DOES the time go?

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