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Vinyl Bulldog Graduation Sign with Sizzix Eclips

You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to, sign making included!

 Do you ever wait until the last minute really, really believing you’ll have time to get something done and then you don’t have time?  Yeah, me too.  I was supposed to order a graduation sign for my daughter but I waited too late for it to get made.  Hey, doesn’t all the other grad stuff I’ve been doing get me a free pass?  Uh, no.  I still needed a sign.  She wasn’t begging for one or anything but it’s a tradition in our area.  It HAD to get done.  So, I did it! 😉

DH helped too!  He picked up blank corrugated signs for me at Lowes.  Be sure to check your local home improvement store for them.  (Thank you, babe!)

Even angry bulldogs love the Sizzix Eclips. It’s a fact…that I just made up.

 I imported my image into the ECAL software.  ECAL is the Eclips version of the SCAL (Sure Cuts a Lot) software.

The paper bulldog mascot looks even madder than usual.

I wanted to make sure it was going to fit the sign I had, so I cut it out using paper first.  I did have measurements in mind but I like to make a paper mock up first.  It chills out my inner worry monster.  I was pretty excited when I saw how well the image looked all cut out.

Now to try vinyl in the Eclips for the FIRST TIME!  YIKE!

Need vinyl? I like to buy mine from Expressions Vinyl.

Arial shot of the Sizzix Eclips and black outdoor vinyl.

And now the angels sing…la la la la la la la (this is sounding a lot like the Smurfs song…whatever).  The angels are singing because THIS MACHINE is AWESOME at cutting vinyl.  I don’t use the AWESOME term lightly.  Well, sometimes I do but I NEVER use vinyl cutting praise lightly.  I was so impressed.  If you want to cut vinyl and need a machine, I give this machine TWO THUMBS UP.

Blade housing control to Major Joy…I’m channeling David Bowie.

Choosing the Eclips settings for vinyl are SIMPLE.  The Eclips actually gives you choices for material and the one they have for vinyl is accurate!  With the Cricut I’m always telling you to use the settings that I taught you in the Cricut Vinylology DVD not the ones pre-programmed into the CE2 (which are wrong).  With the Eclips, I can’t believe I can say this, you can use their settings!  I do suggest setting the blade to 2, as seen in the photo.  Remember, with vinyl you’re not trying to cut all the way through the backing.  You are simply cutting the layer of vinyl and leaving the backing in tact.

Success!  The Eclips cut the vinyl very well.  YAY!

    I’ve started “weeding” the vinyl in this photo, that means removing the vinyl I don’t want to use from the vinyl I do want to use.

All weeded and looking TERRIFIC!

I use a Fiskars Craft Knife to weed vinyl.  It helps me both weed and cut. I believe in using transfer tape…obviously.  Transfer tapes helps you move your vinyl from the backing to its “final resting place”, lol.  I also use it to help me layer other pieces.

Layering vinyl can be a sticky situation. Take your time!

Using the ECAL software, I welded the letters “n” and “g” together.  It has a simple function for creating shadows so I used that to make the black shadow.

It doesn’t look like much, until it does.

Here is the sign in progress.  It is carefully resting on top of a mound of craft supplies.  Next, I will use my squeegee to apply the vinyl to the sign and I’ll be all done!

All done!

My daughter was so surprised and happy with her sign!  Today her friend came by and thought it was one that had been purchased.  She was so impressed that I had created it in my craft room.  Sweet!

Need vinyl? I like to buy mine from Expressions Vinyl.

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  1. CathyinMN says:

    Love your sign! You did a fantastic job on it!

    1. Thank you so much, CathyinMN! 🙂

  2. Great job Joy.I love working on my eclips.I bought the Albums,Bags & Boxes #2 cartridge.For 3d projests it’s one of my favorite cartridges.If you dont have, you need to get it.There all treat boxes.Cant wait to see more of your eclips videos!!!!!.:)

  3. Krafty Kim says:

    Great sign! And yes, I’m a procrastinator, too. I keep thinking, “It’s weeks away, right?” and then, “IT’S TOMORROW!!??”

  4. Those are all super cute ideas!! My baby is graduating this month, I am going to have to try and make some of those. Thanks for the tip.


  5. sewsweetncrafty says:

    Wow the sign looks fantastic and the grad projects look great too.

    Sew Sweet N Crafty
    [email protected]

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