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Gingerbread Man Vinyl Iron On Apron

Hey everyone!  Check out my post on the SEI blog showing you a quick way to make a gift for someone or to dress up your own kitchen attire for the holidays.  It’s fast and fun…

Gingerbread Man Iron On Vinyl Christmas Apron #SEI #Christmas #apron

…and it’s kind of funny too!

Gingerbread Man Iron On Vinyl Christmas Apron #SEI #Christmas #apron

Go over to the SEI Lifestyle blog for more photos and full instructions on how to make your own gingerbread apron.

I need to get my baking going ASAP.  I haven’t even started yet.  Soon, I’ll be decked out in my apron baking away!

Happy Holidays!

#SEI #JoysLife

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  1. jksmitley says:

    we need a photo of you modeling the apron! =)

    1. True, jksmitley! 😉 I’ve still got to get into the kitchen and get my bake on!

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