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It’s time for a Graduation Party!

This hat and diploma have many uses.

Here are a few things I plan to have on the table at my daughter’s graduation party next week.  I love this hat, which I got as an .svg file from  It can hold things!  You can use it purely as a decoration or as a container to hold treats or a gift.  The tube is decorated like a diploma.

Hat’s off to ya!

The hat starts off in pieces but it’s not too hard to assemble.  If you decide to buy the file from you can also view their video.  I did!  It will help you a lot!

I hope graduates don’t really stash chocolate in their hats, unless it stays cool outside.

These would make such cute themed party treats for your guests.  I made a quick tassel by wrapping bakers twine around my fingers until I had an amount I was happy with.  I slid that wound part off of my fingers, tied it nearer the top of one end then cut the looped threads on the bottom.  I then evened them up.  That’s a short quick way to make a tassel.

Although I didn’t get it done yet, I’m also going to make some confetti with my daughter’s high school’s initials and 2012 on it.  I’ll be using my Sizzix Eclips to do that but I previously made confetti using my Gypsy and Cricut in this post.  You could stash confetti in the hat too!

A special note is the best treat.

If you make a lot of the tube (or paper wrapped) diplomas you’ll have such a cute way to give treats to your guests!  Another idea is to give the graduate a special note (or money!) in theirs.  If your graduate needs to give out some thank you notes, delivering them as little tube diplomas is really cute.

The tag was created using my Sizzix Eclips and the Sizzix Basic Shapes cartridge with Joy’s Life Holiday and Everyday Occasions stamps.  You can mix and match those stamps, which I enjoy because I also plan to create a card that says, “Congratulations on your Graduation”, which you can do with those stamps sets.  YAY!

Photo by Bakerella.

I’m going to make these yummy hats for my daughter’s graduation party but wanted to wait to make them until next week, when her party occurs.  I got the idea from Bakerella, the author of the Cake Pops book. Check out this post of Bakerella’s to learn how to make these cute hat treats.

Need another idea for a graduation party?  Make a sign!  I did that here!

Don’t forget themed drink bottles!  Just wrap a water bottle with a printout of your school’s logo, graduate’s photo or other theme.  I made some here.



Leave a comment to be entered for a chance to win a set of three tubes and a three round tins too!

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  1. Joy, what an awesome idea for the tube! I love how you made it into a diploma! Fabulous ideas!


  2. I love this project. Might have to remember this in a couple years when my niece is a grad. until then I dont know anyone in high school. Thank you for the idea.

  3. This is such a CUTE Project! I LOVE those Hats! And you crack me up Joy! I also wanted to tell ya I LOVE the School Sign you made yesterday or was it the day before yesterday… Any whooooo…. Very Cool!


  4. What a clever idea! I’m thinking ahead as my granddaughter will be graduating in two years. Time to start gathering ideas! LOVE what you’ve done. These projects will definitely make the idea file off to a great start! THANKS!

  5. I just love the grad caps. So adorable! My son is graduating from the 8th grade next week, but we’re really not having a party. Maybe I should have considered that. Anyway, what great ideas. Thanks for sharing. Those graduation pops looks delish too.

  6. Great inspiration… may come back for some of those tubes, also – Great job the graduation party is sure to be a success

  7. Thanks for all the great ideas on planning a graduation party! Maybe since I’m a procrastinator, I should start working on my oldest daughter’s now (she’s 10! LOL)

  8. I LOVE your projects Joy!!! Such great ideas!! I have a elementary graduate this year and these ideas are just what I need as inspiration!
    [email protected]

  9. Love the little candy hats! I don’t know anyone who is graduating, rats! but so cute!

  10. Amazing projects as always Joy!! I love the tip about not hiding chocolate in the caps unless the weather is cool… You crack me up!!! 🙂 Thanks for the link for the Grad hat, those are too cute!
    Happy Graduation to your daughter!!

  11. I LOVE everything! So many great ideas! My oldest grand baby graduates next week!

  12. I love the graduation hat project! I also love Bakerella and she is my inspiration for my creativity blog! The kids are blown away with things I have made with her guidance! Thanks for the hop! Mary Jo

  13. Oh wow! What great projects! Where were you when my kids were graduating??? Why didn’t I have a Cricut then!???
    LOVE LOVE LOVE….need your tubes!
    Teresa K
    happiqueen at aol dot com

  14. Joy,
    These projects are AMAZING. I have one graduating next year and am so thankful for this inspiration. Look for me to “lift” ’em next year at this time.
    Thanks again, Elizabeth
    ejaniskee at gmail dot com

  15. love each and every one of these projects! i have a child graduating from middle school next year and a child graduating from elementary school next year, so i will be making some of these party favors!!

  16. Such fun projects! Love that you can store things in the graduation caps. The diploma tubes are really cute, too, as are the water bottles. Those candy graduation caps that you’re planning on making later are really cute, too. I bet your daughter’s party is going to be a great success! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for a chance to win!
    tcsobotka at charter dot net

  17. Very cute…no gradutaions for our family this year but will keep for when there is…great idea…new follower…

  18. Ooooh my you have soooo many wonderful and very creative projects for Graduation! My Grandaughter is getting ready to graduate and I have to go check out some of these ideas! Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win these goodies!

  19. O WOW EEEEEEEEEEEE I wish I had some one to make them for Mine graduated a LONG LONG TIME AGO. But IF I did I sure would HAVE LOVED TO HAVE HAS THIS.. ??? U R so amazing I M loving my ECLIPS TOOO.. I got to go to SVG cuts to watch you make it.

  20. Very neat projects. I’ve got one graduating next year and I’m looking for ideas. This was super cute and super doable. Glad I stopped by.

  21. OMG joy!!!!!
    LOVE everything, my son is also graduating this year I am so excited….except he doesn’t want to go to his Grad….I am so sad….I have even threatened him…lol he still won’t go….no ceremony for me 🙁
    but no I will make him one of these……it is just to cute…

  22. I love the hat and the diploma! The fact that both can hid a treat, or in the hat’s case, a small gift, just makes them more wonderful!


    sherii at cfl dot rr dot com

  23. I was able to complete the bloghog except for waffleflower… none of the link from anyone else’s blog work. Just thought you ought to know, so you don’t try to count that site.


    sherii at cfl dot rr dot com

  24. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE project!!!!! I love those little candy hats.

    mimicaro9650 at yahoo dot com

  25. Ohhh I love the cap with the “hidden” compartment to hide a gift in! Super cute! Wonderful idea using the tube for a personal note/diploma! Hadn’t thought of that one but it would be great to note “life’s lessons” to pass on to our graduates! Thanks so much for the inspiration and putting this awesome hop together! I have gotten so many unique ideas from these talented ladies!! Can’t wait to get started on something now!! Have a great day ~~ [email protected]

  26. OMG Joy, all of your projects are amazing!!! I just love them all and thanks for the chance to win :0)

    Scrappy hugs,
    Amanda :0)

  27. These are fabulous ideas for graduation. I’m going to save them for next year when my granddaughter graduates from high school. Thanks so much for sharing.

    [email protected]

  28. Great projects for your daughter’s graduation party. I like how you turned the tubes into diplomas.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  29. love it! can you believe that your first super child is graduating! My oldest guy is going into kindergarten this year – I can’t even imagine him graduating highschool!

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