Cricut Halloween Rocking Chair Decor for Fundraiser…Cat Attack

Ok, this chair decor is NOT going to blow your mind…but watch my cat.

Cat bottom left hand side. Really dated rocker/glider living in our garage until I can figure out what to do with it.

DS#1 had a fundraiser at school recently.  It was called a “Rockathon” and we had to lug a rocking chair up to the school for him.  Since decorating the chair was an option, I turned on the trusty ‘ole Cricut for a few last minute decorations.  Again…last minute…do you see how this is becoming a theme in my life?  I have GOT to stop this whole “last minute” thing.  It’s insidious!!  To be quite honest, I was so late getting these decorations ready for DS, that he had to decorate it at school the next day.  The shame.  Well, I dropped by the Rockathon and most of the kids didn’t even have decorations so…Yay for me anyway!  LOL.  It’s too early to worry about my New Years resolution for 2010…you can probably guess what it is…”stop waiting until the last minute on crafts”.  Since it isn’t New Years yet…that means I have the rest of Oct, Nov and December to be as late as I want on everything.  Ahhh…sweet denial.

I love this skull & crossbones from the Indie Arts cartridge!

I outlined the teeth with a white gel pen.

Cat bottom right hand side…The ghost sees my cat stalking the decorations.

Alert…Alert the Decorations have been attacked!!

My cat is eating the spider from the Doodlecharms cart. He’s lookin’ pretty creepy while doing it too!  Right in line with my Halloween theme.

Cricut Cartridges Used:

Doodlecharms – spider

Paper Doll Dress Up – spiderweb & ghosts

Indie Art – skull & crossbones

A Child’s Year – pumpkin / jack o’ lantern

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