Punch Bowl Flower Arrangement

All this punch bowl used to hold was dust!

I love this punch bowl.  My Mom no longer wanted it so she gave it to me.  It is very heavy and has a huge plate that it sits on that won’t fit anywhere.  I love it; I just don’t always have a need for a punch bowl.  Know what I mean?  AND…the only place it will fit, besides my kitchen or dining room table, is on the top of my ovens.  So, for the longest it sat up there, empty, being a dust receptacle.  Until ONE DAY I had a brilliant idea!!  I’d fill it with some leftover raffia, stuff some Styrofoam in there and jam in some flowers.  So, that’s exactly what I did!

Those flowers are from WalMart.  I bought a big sheet of Styrofoam from Michael’s and I just cut it into the sizes I needed.  For this arrangement, I cut several pieces into various round shapes until I built it up to the size of the bowl.  Then I just hot glued the pieces together.  Next, came the “jamming of the flowers”.  I mean, the meticulous and careful arrangement of the flowers.  You know, where I crammed them in there, LOL.  When I first made this arrangement I added pumpkins in there (as seen), but I later took them out.  It looks better without.

**A little tip…when doing an arrangement like this, use a table top lazy susan.  Perfect for spinning the arrangement around to evenly place things! 😀

Tomorrow I’ll show you the spider webs outside my house.

No, they’re not real!  ‘Cause that would be way too creepy for me. 😉

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