Ladybug Pencils Cricut Gift

Yesterday, DS#2 came home and said that this is “celebrate office workers week” at school.  Their class chose the lady who works the check in desk at the downstairs entrance of the school…and he needs something by tomorrow.  Naturally.  Isn’t that always the way?

Using my trusty Cricut Expression and the Walk in My Garden Cartridge, I made these cutey little ladybug pencils.  I was going to do a bouquet of flowers, but I think I had my speed too high because it tore 2 flowers.  So, I just wanted to get done and moved on to ladybugs, a much easier cut.  I also made them double sided, which meant I got to use that cool “flip” function.

I used the WIMG – Walk in My Garden Cart for all things including the tags.  Thumbs up to that cart!

I hot glued the bugs on to the metal part of the pencil.
The wavy area at the bottom of the tag is just my DS’s name…I waved it up for the Internet.

I need to fix the tissue paper I used.  That’s leftover from another project I just did, but I can’t show it to you until after my nephew’s b’day, because it’s for him.

I also used leftover Styrofoam that I had from another project.

You know what rocks?  Buying Styrofoam in a big sheet. Then you can use a hot knife to slice through it in any shape you’d like.  Also, it’s cheaper than buying it in little pieces.  Yay to that.

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