WalMart $5 Cardstock – A Whole ROW of It!

Is this a thing of beauty or what?

While Lilly and I were shopping at WalMart for a particular notebook that she needed for school…I just so happened to end up in the Scrapbooking/Cricut section.  Isn’t that WEIRD?  How did THAT happen? Yeah, like Lilly would believe that.  She’s was my sidekick for a trip to 11 of the Walmarts I stalked visited when the Cricut Lites first came out.  I think I’ve probably made her slightly fear seeing WalMart that I might suddenly swerve in and announce some kind of supplies hunt.

Yesterday when I oddly materialized in the scrapbooking section I found this WHOLE ROW of scrapping cardstock/paper for $5 a pack INCLUDING GLITTER PAPER (woo hoo).  They also had textured paper.  I thought it was all pretty cool.  You might want to take a look at your local WalMart.  I’ve used some of that paper before and thought it was pretty good.  So, that’s my recent cool find.  It was like a mirage among back to school shopping, LOL!


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  1. OK Now I have to go back to our Walmart to see if any of these are there.I went to one our Walmarts and they did not have hardly anything for scrapbooking. maybe I should try the other one.

    1. Mimicaro,
      I found this row on the other side of my scrapbooking section. So, Cricut was on one side and it seemed like the end of the whole section. Then I went around and there is all was. It was laid out weird. 😉

  2. My Walmart doesn’t even have a third of that. The whole craft section isn’t even that big. And they just finished a remodel job a couple of months ago. They also used to sell Martha Stewart products – no more. Walmart used to be my favorite store. Not any more. CORPORATE chooses what they sell where. I’m sorry, I hope I didn’t ruin your day. That was not my intent. That just happens to be a sore spot with me.

    Joy, your blog is invaluable!! I’ve learned a lot from you and can’t wait to get my copy of Vinylology! Got the shipment confirmation this morning!

    1. Stoneware,
      You’re sweet. You didn’t ruin my day. 🙂 Many people feel just like you do about WalMart. For sure! It’s amazing how WalMarts vary. When I went on my Cricut Lite hunt a few months ago I couldn’t believe how different WalMarts could be. It’s pretty amazing. I went to 2 that were only a few miles from each other, but vastly different. I had been told and had experienced in my own local WalMart that there was no longer a sewing dept. Well, I went into one Walmart and their sewing section was as big as some notions stores. I’m sure I wouldn’t be loving Walmart if my local one was bad. I don’t know why they keep changing things up like they do either. It’s sort of weird. I certainly understand resets, but don’t go from full price to garage sale in a week, right?! I hope they’ll get their crafts section more stable so we can all count on it, instead of hope, hope, hope and then be disappointed when we get there. That’s zero fun. 😉

      I really hope you like the Cricut Vinylology DVD!! Let me know what you think. 🙂

      Super Smiles,

  3. I caved and bought three packs including some glitter and it cut like butter in the cricut!! Sadly, my tiny Wal-mart doe not sell Cricut Lites, I have to visit Wally Worlds in other citys far far away! That being said, I do own 3 of them so far!! LOL

  4. Yay! I’ll have to take a look! I have to tell you a technology story from long ago! Back in 1990, I started grad school in a full-time Master’s program at the University of Kansas. Prior to that, I’d been a stay-at-home mom and now I was a single mom, trying to figure out how to take care of my kids. My daughter was 4 when I started, I think. Anyway, we had classes Monday through Thursday, and Fridays were open for whatever you needed them for. Now, mind you, prior to starting this program, I had never touched a computer! One day, I had to write some reviews of educational computer programs so Amy and I headed to school. She picked up on it way before I did, and I even wrote that in my reviews ;o) Now, though, she comes to me for tech info! Thanks for your great blog, Joy!

  5. Wow….that’s quite a selection! My local WalMart just remodeled and sells a bare minimum of scrapbooking stuff. The super WalMart about 25 minutes away carries the Lites…but little else. I wonder if these paper packs are on-line…I’ll be checking it out. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh wow going to have to see what my Wal-Mart’s have.

    Oh and yes corporate does determine what Wal-Mart gets, but that is because not every store has the customers that do scrapbooking. Depending on the stores demographics and psychographics determines the merchandise. Yeah I am a corporate ass sorry.

    Joy, I am so excited my package is on the way 🙂 I can’t wait to watch it and try some of the techniques.


    1. LOL Charna! Actually, I think demographics and the psychology behind merchandising is fascinating. Then again, I read Wired magazine … so … I probably lost any cool credibility that I had just then. LOL!
      I hope you enjoy the DVD! 🙂

  7. Good lookin’ out Joy. I’ gonna have to convince my hubby that I need some of this so he can go on a mission with me to hunt it down. He’s a Target kinda guy, but I love Walmart… Mostly cause they usually have a pretty good scrapbooking section. TFS, you’re awesome!!!

  8. I was at our Walmart today (blah.) We only have a 1/2 row (and not as tall) of the paper…you have a great patterned paper selection.

    I wish ours would get the Lacy Labels cart. I did splurge and got my first “lite” today…Carousel. Yay.

  9. Oh my goodness, I thought all of the Walmarts were like this… mine have been this way since as long as I remember…

    I am glad your walmart now has it though!!!!

  10. The Walmart near my house had these in stock yesterday. They weren’t there last time I was in, so maybe they will end up in some more stores as they do their fall resets. When you do see them, be sure to check how many pages are in each pad, it depends on they type of paper. They have a good selection, some have 30 pages, some had less. I plan to pick up several!

  11. I have 4 Walmart’s I can get too. Every single one sucks in the Scrapbooking department. I am looking at your pictures wishing one of these four W’s would look like it.

    I do not know what I am going to do when my son starts college. He is the tech brain here, lol.

  12. I have 4 Walmart’s I can get too. Every single one sucks in the Scrapbooking department. I am looking at your pictures wishing one of these four W’s would look like it. 🙁

    I do not know what I am going to do when my son starts college. I can’t be texting him every second. lol.

  13. I may have to cave and go into my local Walmart to check it out. I usually avoid walmarts – on principal, and because one of them near me is not only filthy, but I am a little afraid of being robbed. The closest one is clean, and in a much better area, but is currently being remodeled and when I have gone in there to check on the Lite carts, there has been a very limited supply, and none of the ones I am interested in and I haven’t seen paper, especially not like that!
    I am super glad that you have good experiences at walmart!

  14. I absolutely LOVE the pearlescent paper that is in the new paper stacks at Wal Mart. It only comes in 2 color sets, but that’s ok. One of them has the elusive bright pink pearl paper. However, I do miss my Martha Stewart craft stuff at Wal Mart. 🙁 Their new scrap stuff (aside from the paper) just isn’t as good, in my opinion.

  15. My WalMart outside of STL hardly carries any scrapbooking things anymore and they recently remodeled into a “mini” super Walmart. I did find some colored cardstock in the office supply section of the store. Good luck to those who can find the selection Joy did.


  16. I can’t wait to see what my Walmart has! I totally understand how frustrating it is when your local Walmart doesn’t carry the same things as others do. I have one that has a good selection, one that is in the process of remoldeling but prior to the changes and so far as it IS changing they have hardly anything!
    I love your posts about your “finds” and especially appreciate your eductional videos! KEEP IT UP and THANK YOU JOY!!

  17. Yaaaaaay!!!!!! I found some of that $5.00 Walmart paper at our other Walmart. Really didn’t have a whole lot but I still got some.

  18. Wow!!! Great find! (The Walmarts here in B.C. have very small crafting sections and have hardly anything for scrapbooking.).

  19. I have searched local Walmarts and none carry the Lite carts. I had to order them online and had them delivered to my house. I figure I would have spent the shipping charge on gas running around to the stores. It is maddening that some stores don’t have scrapbooking items. I think I will complain to my congressman. TE HE!

  20. The Walmart I went to did not even have any Cricut lite cartridges at all…as a matter of fact no Cricut at all.

    I went online and the Cricut Lite cartridges are only available online….weird.

    Oh well,,,,I still love Walmart.

  21. Saw your post on this and just HAD to go to Walmart…. of course I used the excuse of last minute school supply shopping. Wish mine had the selection yours did! But I did pick up two nice packages!

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