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Saban’s Houndstooth Vinyl Dog Food Container

We buy the big bag of food. LOL!

Well, here’s my 21 week old English Mastiff puppy, Saban!  I know…she’s huge, right?  She weighs 62 lbs now.  She’s really sweet and we’re enjoying learning about her.  If you haven’t seen her baby photos you might enjoy these posts or my English Mastiff Pinterest board where I keep up with her growth.  If you’re familiar with my site then you probably know that I’m an Alabama football fan.  I named Saban after Alabama’s Coach Nick Saban.  You can read more about that in this post.

Since I cheer for Bama, I’m using houndstooth pattern vinyl today.  That’s been identified as an Alabama standard since it was the pattern of the hat that Coach Bear Bryant wore. 😉  I’ve been a fan since birth.  My Dad even took me out of school to attend Bear’s funeral, many, many years ago.  My Dad ended up in the center of a Bear Bryant tribute book that day because he was wearing a houndstooth jacket and for some reason the crowd wasn’t obscuring him.  I wish I could find a copy of that book.  Anyway…on to the project…

Use the “Offset” window to create outlines and shadow effects.

I used the Silhouette software with a font that I had and welded letters together to form Saban’s name.  I used Lettering Delights Football Stringbeans file to get that cute, football playing dog!  To get a shadow effect around the name, I used the “Offset” window.  Select the image you’re trying to shadow, click the “Offset” window button and change the distance of the lines until you like them.

I’m using a clear transfer tape to layer the houndstooth letters over the red letters.  If you don’t have any transfer tape, try masking tape, painter’s tape or clear contact paper.  They’re not perfect but they work.  Normally I use my Fiskars Craft Knife (my favorite) to do all my vinyl weeding but today I’m using tweezers because they were close to me and to show you that if you don’t have one certain tool another will work, so explore what you have.


LOL! The way the pattern landed on the cuts makes the nose look like a pig’s snout! However, the eyes are perfect!

About to be Layered!

Use a squeegee or an old gift card to lay your vinyl down.

Want to know how I store my vinyl?  Check out this post!


Now I have an Alabama football playing dog food container!  Roll Tide!  Actually, this container does roll.  It has wheels.  LOL!

I decided not to vinyl the front because I keep this in the pantry and don’t really notice the front that much, or at all.  I didn’t want to waste the vinyl on it.  I cherish the houndstooth vinyl.  All in all this is a success…and Saban digs it!

Want to see more vinyl projects?

Happy Crafting!

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  1. ROLL TIDE! Joy I havent been following your blog that long but I live in Northern , Alabama. I want to know where you got that vinyl. I need your pattern too I have a 3 1/2 pd Yorkie named Seppie who needs that lable on his food container too!

    Rollin with the TIDE!

    1. Cheryl,
      I sure don’t want to keep Seppie waiting! You can get his vinyl at Vinyl Couture.com. Their ad is at the top right of my page too. Roll Tide!

  2. Thanks so much for the “shout-out” Joy.
    4 sizes of Hounds-tooth and MANY other patterns can be found on our website.


  3. That’s right……
    Hounds-tooth (4 sizes), Crimson Dots, (can even do a custom chevron with Crimson/Grey/ White or whatever Oracal colors you decide). We have color selections available for almost any college team….. if you don’t see it, we can probably make it.

    Keep Crafting and Roll Tide!!

  4. CathyinMN says:

    Love how your project turned out! Cute, cute, cute!!!

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