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Halloween in 3D Blog Hop – Bling Skeleton Tree

Welcome to the Halloween in 3D blog hop! Be sure to check out all the projects at the end of this post and don’t miss the giveaway!

I can’t wait to show you how I created my blingy skeleton tree!  Can you believe this was a bright pink Easter tree from the Dollar Store?  It was!  You’ll see it in the photo below.  I used another one to create a butterfly tree way back here.

This is how I started.  I was going to make a fence for this but as it evolved, I decided to go in a different direction.  Always be open to breaking away from your original idea.  It’s your idea and you can change it if you want to, right?  Sure!  That’s how some of the greatest projects are born!

First, I painted the pink terra cotta pot black.  Using black paint, I gave this Podgeable paper (Paper made by Mod Podge) a darkening wash.  This worked out awesome for my needs because the paper was too bright for my project.  Next, I let the paper dry.

I coated both sides of the paper with Mod Podge and applied it to the terra cotta pot.  I added Mod Podge to the rim of the pot and dipped it into black glitter.  I also added black glitter to the base of the tree form.

I cut this rhinestone bling into strips.  I picked up this sheet of bling at a scrapbooking show.  I was happy to figure out a good use for it!

I attached the bling to random branches of the tree using Glue Dots from this new Glue Dots Desktop Dispenser.  I just received this dispenser and used it for the first time in this project.  I LOVE IT!  My favorite thing about it is that it stands up so I don’t lose the roll of dots somewhere amid my other supplies.  Because it was easy to use and keep up with, I used it for every bit of bling in this project.  I also like that it comes with 300 Mini Glue Dots but that you can add other sizes of Glue Dot rolls if you want to.  That’s cool!

These two creepy pals are from the All Hallows Eve Element stickers by Carta Bella.  So…my stickers aren’t sticky anymore.  I made them non sticky by coating them with powder!  You can use baby powder but I bought this Powder Tool by EK Success.  I never could remember to pick up baby powder…though I will smell a bottle of Dreft if I’m left in the baby aisle too long.  Awww, I still love the way that smells!

I really, really like the way this turned out.  I like that I had all these things on hand and they were going unused.  For example, I bought the tree almost 2 years ago and it was just sitting in my craft room looking pitiful.  Now it’s on my mantel looking bling-a-licious creepy.

No go see what all these talented ladies have created!

Joy – You are Here!

Time for a Giveaway!

To be eligible for a chance to win a starter pack full of 5 cool kinds of Mod Podge, leave a comment letting me know what you can’t be without in your craft room.  (Lately for me it’s sheets of cork, May Arts ribbon and the Ranger Craft Sheet.)


Alycia Clark says:
SEPTEMBER 21, 2013 AT 11:23 AM
I love this creepy, gorgeous tree! Fantastically Halloween.  I couldn’t live without my craft knife, t ruler, or ATG. These items I use every project no matter what I’m working on.

I’ll list the winner here on September 28, 2013.  Good luck!

Don’t forget to check out the Joy’s Life Store for Halloween stamps and more!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. YOWZA!! That came out absolutely wonderful!!!

    What I can’t be without in my craft room…lately it’s my Distress paints…I use them on practically all my creations…

  2. personally I cannot be without my daughter who gives me all the art assistance I lack…always by skype.

  3. Currently my crafting revolves around my Silhouette Cameo – my actual craft room is being used for storage at the moment, so molten glass and clay and other messy stuff is on hold. But I’m really loving all the paper work.

  4. Oh, I am Loving your blinged out Spooky Tree. I can’t get over that it used to be an Easter Tree. When Easter comes around, I’m going to be on a look out for one of those. I Love Halloween! I can’t live without my ATG Gun. I Love It! Thanks for Sharing and for the chance to win. :0)

  5. I love this creepy, gorgeous tree! Fantastically Halloween.

    I couldn’t live without my craft knife, t ruler, or ATG. These items I use every project no matter what I’m working on. 🙂

  6. Don’t you just love when you get an idea and everything you need is right there!? That tree is pretty awesome. In my craft room (when I have time to craft) I can’t go with out my Cricut. I know, I know, the Cameo is the cool new toy but I’m just not tech savvy enough to figure it out!

  7. I am sitting here with a big smile on my face because I admire all the neat things you do in your craft room . I know , the tree should scare me ! I could never do without my paper trimmer in my craft room. I use it for more then crafting. Comes in handy for cutting coupons and my hubby uses it all the time for trimming things. Have a fun day!

  8. Oh my goodness! You sure took a lot of different elements and made a masterpiece out of it! My absolutely necessary craft room item is my Cricut Expression, but only because I have SCAL2 to use with it. I rarely make a project without a die cut on it!

  9. Oh Joy! Thank you so much for this tutorial, I am going to try and make this for my “pretend grandchildren” next door. I guess the thing I can not be without is my computer. I use it with my Cameo Silhouette and my Cricut. I also need all of my glue. I have a HUGE collection of glue. Thank you again for all the inspiration you have given me over the years.

  10. What an amazing hop – everyones creations were amazing. Love your bling Halloween tree and thanks for showing how you made it! Things I can not do with out in my craftroom are, my ATG gun, paper/card stock (of course) and inspiration 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  11. EEKS!! I’m so afraid……….afraid I will not win. Love all the bling, who would have ever thought to bling up a scarry tree.

  12. Love the skeleton tree! I can’t be without lots of things but for the sake of the contest I will say burlap!

  13. Wow, your tree turned out really cool! Love all the rhinestones–at first look, I thought you had tiny little lights on it. What I can’t be without? Probably my ATG gun–gotta have that!

  14. Love your blingy spooky tree Joy. I can’t be without my Silhouette Cameo these days. Second up would be my Big Shot.

  15. Awesome tree for Halloween. I love that you give step by step instructions. I must have my glue dots!!!!

  16. That is so AMAZING!!! I LOVE it…. I want to try something like that…. New to crafting and right now I dont have a lot so I lova and cannot do without any of my things lol….. 🙂

  17. Love how the tree turned out! I can’t live without my gluedots and was excited to see your dispenser-very cool!

  18. Love the tree! it would be cool as a winter decoration also minus the skeletons, maybe a few snowflakes hanging from those great branches! Right now I cannot be without my water color pencils, my craft sheet, and yes, the ATG gun is a must!

  19. What a awesome looking tree! Love all the bling and as always such great instructions. Great 3D project. Have a good weekend and take care.

  20. Oooh, I love the tree dripping in bling! Can you tell me more about it? I also like that Podgeable Paper — I’ve not seen that, now I have to go shopping!!!! What can’t I live without in my craft room, hmmm, I think it would have to be my collection of paper, if I can only name one thing, because of course without paper, where would we be?? I ADORE my Silhouette Cameo and still use my Cricuts along side of it. I thrive with my ATG gun so much that I have four, no waiting! 🙂 Can you tell I am an addict??!

    I love coming to your blog, Joy! You “Scatter Joy” wherever you go!! 🙂

    Ellen ? CardMonkey
    E-mail: [email protected]

  21. Absolutely love how you blinged up that tree!!! Wonderful and spooky!

    Lately, I am heat-embossing on every project I make, so i guess I can’t live without all my embossing supplies which I keep together in one plastic box.

    I had no idea that Mod Podge came in different “flavors”! Thanks for the opportunity to win this sampler. Yummy!!
    <3 J

  22. So cute and scary! My current obsession is washi tape. I got myself in trouble doing school shopping because every store put washi in the supply aisle! Going to have to find lots of uses for it!

  23. This bling skeleton tree is so amazing. I love it and hope to make one soon….what can’t I live without in my craft room? Well, it’s the inspiration and encouragement you and all your team and followers give to me each time I see a great project! Sometimes I feel like we are all in the great big rooms chatting, sharing and admiring each other’s wonderful creations, that’s what I can’t live without in my craft room!

  24. Joy! You and your team did it once again….inspired all of us to get to our craft areas and work, work, work….these ladies are so creative and sharing all their talent with us is a gift to all of us…thanks for a creative and fun blog hop!!!

    Liz Seubert
    [email protected]

  25. Love your tree…..awesome project. Currently I can’t live without my svg’s!! I recently got a Cameo and I have been shopping, and shopping some more! I really need to start using them!!

  26. I found your blog from the Faber-Castell, May Arts Blog Hop.
    I’m now a follower.

    Love your tree. Craft supply I can’t do without – Ribbon.

  27. Love this tree!

    I can’t be without my cricut and laptop in my craft room. Still using Design Studio.

  28. Wow Joy this is amazing. I need to get in the Halloween spirit too…but its just too hot here in California! The think I can’t be without is my Scotch Pink ATG!! I love it!

  29. I LOVE this project. Nice to see a craft project that is a little edgy and not just bubblegum sweet. I cannot do any project without using my Cricut Tools set. I have had the same ones for years, but they are just so handy.

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