Use a Plumbers Mat for Crafting

I picked up this little mat at Lowe’s (home improvement store) in the plumbing section.  It’s great for doing all kinds of crafting on, though it is small and I couldn’t find a bigger one there.  It would even work well as a little embossing mat like the one I used when I flipped my Cricut Blade over and embossed with it.  Here I used it to do a little gluing with my favorite glue…Zip Dry! 😀

Best of all…this mat was less than $1.  Woo hoo!

Home improvement stores are a great place to find crafty items!

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  1. Great Idea!!!

  2. crystalsnap says:

    I find crafting supplies everywhere I go!!!!! Great job!!!

  3. Don’t you love to cruise the aisle ? I know my mind races and think of all the possibilities.
    Great one to share

  4. comtnmist says:

    Ya…$1.00. What a great price. But now all of us crafters are going to go running into Lowes to buy one and eventually they will find out why we are buying them and they will jack up the prices….LOL. Thanks for sharing, Joy. Did you try using it for the embossing part?

  5. Just my price…LOL! Thanks for the info.

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