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Vampire Lollipops from Coffee Filters & Altered Bag

Love these Vampire Rubber Stamps!

I decided that DS#1 should take a bag full of vampire lollipops into school today for his class.  Don’t you think that was necessary?  Me too!!  It’s right up there with homework and lunch money don’t you think? 😀

Here’s What You’ll Need:

I used a Peachy Keen vampire stamp, but you can use any kind of a face stamp for your lollipops!

Here’s How You Make Them:

(It’s simple, simple!!  I promise.)

  1. You flatten out a coffee filter like the ones above.
  2. Stamp a face image a little below the center of the filter.
  3. Wrap the stamped filter over a lollipop.  I used Tootsie Pops.
  4. Tie the filter on using ribbon or some kind of string…or a rubber band!


Pile of Vampires

Then I needed a bag so DS#2 would have something to carry them in.  I asked DH to grab me a bag with handles from the pantry.  He grabbed the PERFECT one!!  A black handled bag from my hairdresser.  I’d bought some Redken products and the bag had REDKEN printed pretty big on both sides.  So, I just did some quick alteration and covered the logo.

It’s true…I have no patience for learning what specific sizes of cardstock that Martha Stewart Web punch needs.

It’s not perfect, but totally cute (patting self on back) for covering that REDKEN logo!!  Then I took my smaller Crop A Dile and punched a hole in the top of each side of the bag so I could string a ribbon through it.  Now the vampires can’t escape until DS#2’s teacher wants to hand them out.

Close up of holes punched & that Great Stampin’ Up pumpkin pie ribbon.  Love that stuff!

True, that’s not a great looking ribbon/bow/tie…but I did this seconds before DS#2 left to hop on the school bus.

Go Make Some Fun Things!!



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  1. Cute idea on the vampire lollipops! And that’s a great way to reuse a bag.

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