Huge Spiderweb Decorations

I love my Spiderwebs!

Porch background…I’ve got 4 rockers and 2 tables with potted plants on each table.  The other web is on the opposite end of the porch.  I took this shot from way out in the yard and zoomed up…looks like my porch is covered with shrubs, but it’s not.

I bought these spiderwebs (I have 2 up…just showing one) from Michael’s a few years ago.  Aren’t they great?!  They’re made out of ropes.  I just had to get a big creepy spider for each web.  My other spider is black and green.  Spooky!  What will I do if I move and don’t have a columned front porch?  Perfect!  I’ve got it!!  I’ll wait until DH is asleep and I’ll put it over our 4 poster bed. 😀  No…that would actually be meaner than when we first got married and I almost convinced him that using my shampoo would make his hair fall out.

Don’t worry.  I’m always thinkin’, I’ll figure something out.  LOL

Have a Great Day!

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