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How To Make a 2 Liter Bottle with Gifts Inside

I confused children and adults alike with this project! 😀

This was a gift for my nephew.  He was really happy when he figured out how to get inside, so he could get to the cash.  IDK what he bought with the money, but it was around the time that he bought rocks you could slam together and they’d make a spark and a jaw breaker that wouldn’t quite fit in his mouth.  An excellent choice for spending, I think. 😀

So, how do you do it?

Well, it’s actually pretty easy!  You take an empty 2 (or 3) liter soda bottle and take the label off of it.  You cut a sideways “U” shape out of the side (Also known as the letter “C” but needs to be deeper like a sideways “U”.).  Then you cram all the things in there that you can think of.  Seal the “U” closed.  I used clear packing tape, which was awesome because even when my nephew took off the label I made, he still couldn’t find the opening because I’d sealed it so well.  😀  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha heee heee hee (Sorry, it’s been months and I’m still laughing about that.)

Next you make a label to cover the hole you made.  I used Stampin’ Up paper, but you could use any kind at all.

Everyone was amazed with this gift.  It was really fun making it and giving it to him.  Before he even opened it, the adults kept asking me how to get into it.  It was pretty funny.

That adorable sock monkey and the gift he holds come from a Stampin’ Up stamp sets called “Sock Monkey” and “Sock Monkey Accessories”.  I bought that Happy B’day sentiment at one of the major craft stores.  I just don’t remember which one.

This would be a fun way to give a Christmas (name your holiday) gift!!

Now Go Trap Someone’s Gift in a Bottle!

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  1. These are so cute! And so versatile. I wish my kids were still in elementary, these would make great gifts for their little friends.
  2. LOVE this idea! I have 2 nephews that have a birthday coming up. I think I will try this. Thanks!!! :)
  3. Love it! I have a birthday party coming for a child that I will make this for! This will be a hit! Thanks for this great idea!
  4. oh so cool Wish I had seen these earlier because I need something for this weekend at stamp camp, but nonetheless, I will make these!
  5. I made this bottle for my grand daughter's 13th birthday, everyone loved it and couldn't figure it out. Now my daughter wants to make some for a girls nite in, with nailpolish, earrings, etc,etc. We love this idea, and will be using it for alot of different occasions. Thanks for the idea, love your site!!!
  6. How cute is this. This one will go in my save-it for later book. Thanks for another great idea Joy.

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