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Scrapbook Paper for Home Decor

Ok, this is a simple idea, but very effective and fun.  That cabinet door on the hutch of my desk has always been clear glass.  You could see right though to the things I have in there.  It’s not really a mess, but who wants to see all that?  I keep my Cricut Jukebox, a box full of stuff I need all the time for crafts and a small variety of other stuff in there.  I’ve had this desk for years and it just occurred to me the other day that I could just take some nice looking scrapbook paper/cardstock and cover the glass from the inside. So I did!!  I think it looks so cute!

I just used some tape to hold the paper in there.  I love it!

Cool, huh?  Now when I want a change I can just tape up different paper.

I used cardstock from the “My Mind’s Eye – Fall in Love” stack by Jen Wilson.

Now Go Alter Something with Paper!

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