Labeling Marvy Clever Lever Paper Punches

I love Marvy punches, but I never can remember which ones I have.  The more I purchase, the more difficult it gets to decipher which is which.  You’d think that you could guess size by the color, but that’s not true.  I have some green ones and they are the same shapes, but different sizes.  Do you think Marvy is just trying to drive me crazy?  I do.  It’s all a plot to trick me into buying more punches…and it’s working.

To beat Marvy Uchida at their own game I have devised a plan.  AH HA!!  It’s a plan that I have given this top secret name.  I’ll tell it to you.  It’s called TOP SECRET PLAN: “Label the Punches”.  Shhh!!  That’s just between you and me. 😉  In this particular photo, I used a silver Sharpie.  I heart silver Sharpies.  They show up when other ones don’t.  I even keep one in my kitchen JUST IN CASE.  Those cases come up fairly often too. 🙂


The “SJ” after the “LV” let’s you know it’s a “Super Jumbo” Clever Lever punch.  Super Jumbo’s are 2″.  If it has an “M”, it’s “Mega”.  Mega’s are typically 2 1/2″.  If it’s “LV” and then “G” it’s a Giga.  They are usually 3″.  “LV” and then “XG” is an Extra Giga.  Extra Giga’s are pretty big.  Usually they are about 3 1/2″.  You can find these letters on the plastic cover on the bottom of each punch and on the back of the packaging of the punches.  If you’re like me though, you don’t keep the plastic on the bottom of the punches all the time because you’re busy using them.  That’s why I use the Sharpie to label each one! 😀

Want to be sure you don’t buy punches you already have?  Consider cutting these little pieces off of the packaging before you throw it away.  (I wish I’d kept all of mine before I thought of this.  DUH!) 😉  I used my Crop a Dile to punch a hole through these pieces and am holding them together with an O-ring I got from my local office supply store.

I buy a lot of my Marvy Uchida punches through Amazon.  Here’s a link to Marvy punches that can be purchased using their buy 4 for 3 deals.  Here’s a link to the Crop-A-Dile Big Bite on Amazon.  I love that thing.

Here’s a link to my video showing How to Use a Crop A Dile regular and the Big Bite.

I need a few more days, but I’ll be ready to announce the Design Team on Sunday…March 27, 2011. 😀

Don’t miss the Easter Basket Blog Hop here TOMORROW!! 🙂

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  1. I label EVERYTHING…. ohhh and alphabetize it too…. Thats the only way I can find anything…LOL Great idea to mark the back of the punches.

  2. What a neat idea!!!!! Love it. Looking forward to the Easter Basket Blog Hop. Willk be sitting at my computer probably around 5am. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great idea to label your punches. It’ll be fun to see who your new design team members are. Looking forward to the Easter basket blog hop tomorrow.

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