How to Make Black Flower Arrangements for Halloween

Back in Black!

I wanted to make some fun Halloween black flowers a’ la Morticia Addams.  (I left the heads of the flowers ON though.)  I could have just purchased some, but that gets costly and isn’t even half the fun of doing it yourself.  Plus, I was curious if it would even work.  It did!

I LOVE to spray paint!  I LOVE to Boogie!  (Are you singing yet?)

I bought these sweet summer flowers at Michael’s for .79 each (marked 80% off).  I started spraying them black with this paint that I found in the great cave of everything my garage.  In the middle of my spray painting I ran out of paint!  I was off to Lowes where I spent .99 on a new can of super cheap black paint.  It worked great but smelled like… well, I better not say that and I liked it even better than the can above!

Reminds me of my CHAIRished friend stamp.  It’s part of You’re So Punny.

Here’s a chair from the stack of chairs we’re getting rid of.  Well, now I think I MUST keep this one to hold all my spray painting projects.  I use this professional setup to paint things.  LOL!  Yes, a tired cardboard box is my painting BFF.  I also ALWAYS wear gloves, yet part of my arm is still black from this project.  Whaddup with that?

BEFORE AND AFTER”ish” … not done quite yet

Ahhh, must take lovely flowers and make them look dreary.  I heart Septemberween Halloween!

It goes on opaque, but dries clear.  Don’t worry!

After I had the flowers spray painted black, I tried out the new Martha Stewart paint line (found at Michael’s).  I’m using her black glitter paint.  At first I was just going to use it on the center of the flowers, but after trying it…I was hooked!

Now it’s dry and OH SO Glittery!

I painted the ends of some of the petals, the backs and fronts of the leaves and the whole pot.  I found myself looking around for more things to cover in glitter.  I’m in love with this paint.

These were super fun to make and only cost a few dollars!

I used my new Halloween Puns stamps to make this sign. I just LOVE THE SIGNS! I used a black button and a 3D Zot to make a place to hang my little sign.

This stamp is also from my Halloween Puns stamp set.

Go make some super spooky flowers!

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  1. Great idea. I have someold flowers I can use for this kind of project. Love your new updated site

  2. Ooh! This is super cute! I’m just so obsessed with Halloween stuff. tfs! Love your website banner 😉


    1. Thank you Kayla! I know what you mean. I LOVE Halloween stuff! Here we are at the beginning of September and I’m already talking about Halloween, but I can’t help myself! 😉

  3. First off…. I LOVE…… LOVE the new look of your blog Joy! It’s very warm, fun, and inviting! Second… I LOVE this
    idea! So glad you came up with it so I don’t have too! tehehhe The flowers turned out so cool and very halloweenie like! 😉
    Thanks for sharing this idea…. I gotta go find me some flowers that are on clearance! 🙂


  4. Looking for the Cricut Cartridge Checklist that you published in March. Cannot find mine and would you be aboe to reprint it so that I can make another copy. I am sure many readers would love to have an updated one. Thanks so much.

    Dianne Bell – Sewpro02@Aol.com

    1. Hi Dianne,
      The Cricut Cartridge Checklist link is located on the left of this page (see the cartridge box) and there is also a link at the top of the page. It was most recently updated August 24, 2011. I hope that helps!

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