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Quick Note Holder for Magnets…

This might look cute or like a hot mess to you, but in person it’s pretty cute and useful.  I promise. Try to ignore all that stuff stuck to the wall, those are things I need to get framed.

Ok, this was another of my brilliant “I must run out and complete this necessary project today” projects.  Remember when I made all those magnets and some of them didn’t turn out right?  You can click here to see that. Well, I decided to make use of the magnets that I had leftover…plus, I really needed a place to stick things so they wouldn’t get lost on my desk.

This was a very simple project!  I found that little tin tray at the Dollar Store.  I took my Crop-A-Dile Big Bite and made holes in the 2 top corners and then tied that cute pink polka dotted ribbon through there.  You can buy that ribbon at PaperTreyInk.com.

See that hole under the ribbon?  Did it with the Crop A Dile Big Bite.

In case you don’t know what a Crop A Dile Big Bite is, I have provided this useful photo.  That’s just a service I provide at no extra charge, LOL.

I’m giving one of these Big Bites away to one lucky person when my Google Friends reach 100.

To cover the nail that only took me one try to put exactly where I wanted it instead of making 5 holes first like I usually do  (I think that may be my longest run on sentence so far!) …I put a little pink flower that I blinged up with some Stickles and just glued it directly onto the head of the nail.

Sweet!  All done!!  Make sure you buy some sort of metal that your magnets will stick to.  When I was in the Dollar Store I found a magnet in there and tested this tray to make sure it would work.  Sometimes they look like they’d work, but they don’t.  Anyway, that’s it!!

Go Make a Holder for Your Notes & Ideas!


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