The Card Was Awesome!

Hello Friends!  I hope you all had and are having a wonderful holiday weekend!  I was blessed to have most of our family at our house for Thanksgiving dinner and a day-after-Thanksgiving breakfast that DH and I do every year.  Then I had a house full of nieces and nephews for most of the day and night yesterday, which was really nice.  One of my SIL’s and BIL’s dropped in last night and we had a terrific time talking and eating with them.  So, that’s all so great.  Best of all…Alabama beat Auburn for the first time in Auburn’s stadium.  Now THAT is something to be really thankful for!!  LOL  ROLL TIDE!!

I thought I would share this sweet P.S. that I got!!  Isn’t it great when someone appreciates your crafting?!  Well, especially when it’s a kiddo!!  This b’day thank you card came in the mail to DS#1 and I just had to share it with you because there’s an added “Thanks”giving bonus P.S. for me!!


LOVE IT!! 😀  So sweet!!!

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