Saving Money on Back to Campus Essentials

Saving Money on Back to Campus Essentials #SchickSummerSelfie #sponsored

This year my daughter has a new college roommate.  For the past few years, she’s had the same great girl, who became her best friend, but she graduated last year.  Seriously, they were like sisters.  They shared their things, which is nice, but when it came to toiletries they spread their stuff from one end of the bathroom to the other.  There’s nothing really wrong with that, until you get a new roommate, because maybe they don’t embrace your messy ways, right?  Right.

Saving Money on Back to Campus Essentials #SchickSummerSelfie #sponsored

While we went shopping for toiletries, I brought up the previous year’s messy bathroom situation and suggested that it would be thoughtful to contain more of her things in a tote that she could take from her room to the bathroom.  I was thinking that the tote could help cut down on the  bathroom counter sprawl, thereby making her new roommate…not freak out.  LOL!

Saving Money on Back to Campus Essentials #SchickSummerSelfie #sponsored

So, we grabbed a cute red tote and loaded up on some essentials.  We bought Schick® Quattro For Women® and Schick® Hydro Silk® razors at Walmart.  They have a FANTASTIC BOGO coupon deal going on now and we took full advantage of it.  Using coupons and stocking up when things are on sale is how I save money on back to campus essentials throughout the year.  My number one tip is to keep a list of the things you and your child use throughout the year.  Stock up using coupons and special sales.  I don’t overbuy but I make sure to keep things on hand that will definitely get used, like disposable razors.  Then when my daughter is home for a visit, she can stock back up from the things I’ve gotten on sale.  I can even look at the list I keep and ask her if she is well stocked on those particular things…you know, to jog her memory.  That really keeps costs down for us so she doesn’t get all the way back to school, where costs are much higher, and say, “Oh yeah, I need razors, etc.”  There are enough last minute costs without that being one of them.  So…make a list!  Use coupons!  Stock up!

Saving Money on Back to Campus Essentials #SchickSummerSelfie #sponsored

I’m going to create a personalized tote for my daughter using vinyl.  I’ll share that post soon, so keep an eye our for it!  By the way, how cute is that tote already?  So useful, easy to carry and sturdy.  It’s perfect for keeping those bathroom essentials from adding to messy counter sprawl!

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What tips do you have for saving money on back to campus essentials?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Schick®. The opinions and text are all mine.


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