How to Make Refrigerator Magnets + Spongebob Magnets!!

I love making magnets!

Yesterday, I showed you how to alter Altoids tins to make a little home for things…like these awesome magnets I made for my brother.  (Hey Bro!!)

Today, I’m going to tell you how to make the magnets. Woo hoo!

  1. I put the Mod Podge on the front of the picture and stuck it to the glass, then I painted some on the back.
  2. After the Mod Podge dried, I glued the magnet on using the E6000.

I had much success with this method!

Here’s What Didn’t Work:

Oh, the humanity!

Yeah, that is definitely my “didn’t work” category.

Here’s why I “think” those sad magnets didn’t turn out and I only had a few “keepers” that were usable.

  1. When I made those magnets above…they were my 1st try.  That time, I didn’t use the E6000 glue, I used something else because I couldn’t find it.  Now, of course, I see it everywhere.  You’ll find E6000 glue at WalMart, craft stores and probably your home improvement stores. I don’t have a clue why I couldn’t locate it at first…I was just having an off day.
  2. My other problem was that I printed those pictures out with my inkjet printer from photos that I found on the Internet.  I think this didn’t work possibly because the magnet had a reaction with the metals in the ink.  At first they looked great!  The Mod Podge dried and it looked awesome.  Then, I added the glue and the magnet and by the next day, all that discoloration happened.  It seemed to gravitate toward the magnet, so I think that my “ink/magnet” reaction theory is plausible.  Could be the glue…but I’m doubting it.

My Winning Suggestion for You:

Cut the pictures out of scrapbooking paper!!  That totally worked for me!!

Check out these Spongebob Magnets I made!!  Now, these I just punched out of scrapbooking paper I found at Archiver’s (scrapbook store).

A little tip though…really, really TRY to get out all the bubbles that come from the Mod Podge.

How to Alter Altoids Tins

Go Make Something Awesome!!


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  1. Ok…so I have only just found this and this is a great craft idea! I am already thinking about all the people that I can make these for (including my sis in law who is a teacher!), and I was just wondering do you think these would work with photos? I was thinking of making some with the grandkids faces to give to my mom and mil for mother’s day. Didn’t know if they would act like the stuff you printed on your home printer and the colors would smear. Just wondering if you tried it with photos or not. Thanks for the inspiration and the great link!

  2. Joy, I have uploaded many photos that I’ve taken of projects I’ve dont using my cricut expression. I came across your magnets and decided to give it a try. I made my husband 15 golfing magnets using stickers of golf attire and gagets that my husband uses, stuck them to black paper and did everything else like ya said. He hasnt seen these yet but I know hes going to love them. Hes in korea and has his own apt. I’ve used the 1″ round hole cutter, since the magnets are black I used the black cardstock paper so they would blend together. I’ve also used music note paper for my mom who is a singer and a different style music notes for my best friend who plays piano in our church. I am addicted. Thank you for showing this idea. so cheap and incredibly easy to do.

  3. Joy, I love these and want to try it out, but I could not find the E6000 glue at Michaels, JoAnns, or Lowes. What section did you find it in? Oh and here is a dumb question I am sure… what kind of magnets did you use? How thick where they? Were they sheet magnets? Your project came out so beautifully, thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Digimama,
      That E6000 can be so hard to find! I almost went crazy looking for it and then after I bought a totally different kind I started seeing E6000 at every checkout I went through. 😐 Try the check out aisles at WalMart and Hobby Lobby. I finally found it at both of those places. I hope you find it! I bought some really heavy duty magnets at Hobby Lobby, but they should have some at other craft stores too. The ones I have are 51 to a pack for $6.99. They are ceramic disc magnets and are 3/4″ thick. They are so strong they will pinch your fingers if 2 of them snap together on you. It hurts! They do work great though! 😉

  4. Joy:
    My daughter made a ton of these magnets for a shower we had. Cut lots and lots of circles on the cricut from various scrapbook paper. Instead of using modge podge to put the paper circle on the glass piece we ran them thru a Xyron sticker machine (the little X one) so the adhesive was on the good side and then stuck the circle to the glass piece. Great hold and very quick. Still had to glue magnet on but much quicker since we didn’t have to wait for the modge podge glue to dry. Everyone loved them and had a blast picking thru to pick their favorites.

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