Cricut 15th B’day Cake Topper, Plate Doily & More

I made this adorable (if I do say so myself) cake topper using my Cricut Expression with the Home Accents and Lyrical Letters cartridges…and a skewer stolen from DH’s BBQ stash, LOL.  I created the wording using Design Studio.  The pretty shape cut comes from Home Accents.  I think it’s just lovely and worked perfectly for this use.

I made the topper double sided and attached the skewer with packing tape to the inside.  The paper is by K & Co. and is the Urban print.  I used a DCWV glitter paper for the wording.  I put some non-permanent tape on the inside just to lightly hold the 2 sides together.  The first topper I made, I used permanent tape and stuck it together all wonky so I had to throw it away and start over.  Mental note…do not wait until the last minute to make things for a party being thrown the same day.

Did you notice the doily I put under the cake?  I just love it.  My FIL asked if that paper had been cleaned before I used it.  Um…I told him I boiled it first.  Let’s just say, everyone survived, so I’m thinking, “Yay to the use of clean looking scrapbooking paper”.

Yep, it’s a strawberry cake! 😀

I used the Lyrical Letters cartridge (pg. 70 Italic Monoline – Shift) for the doily cut.  I cut it at 9 inches. (or 9 1/2…I can’t remember)

I bought that cutie strawberry paper at Archiver’s.  IDK, who makes it because I didn’t look before I put it under the cake and now it’s all gooey.

Can you stand all this cute?

I see somebody ate a few before I got a photo. 🙂

I was going to color them pink, but I forgot!!  I bought a heart shaped deep cutter thingy by Wilton from Hobby Lobby to cut those Rice Krispies, but you could use any kind of cookie cutter.  Frankly, you’d be better off.  I nearly cut my finger off doing some completely stupid thing when I tried to clean it the next day.  Just don’t ask.  Sometimes I do stuff that is so stupid, it makes great dinner party stories…this time it’s not quite stupid enough to be interesting, but my finger does have a Spongebob Band-aid on it now as I type.  Enough said.

I made those little heart 15 cuts using the Lyrical Letters cart & Design Studio.

Well, I was going to use the Tags, Bags, Boxes & More cartridge to make a bunch of boxes for treats, but I ran out of time.  POOR PLANNING!  Anyway, this is where that awesome ribbon from PapertreyInk.com comes in handy.  I just used some bags I bought at Hobby Lobby (prior to buying those awesome Stampin’ Up cello bags I told you to get), filled them with sour Skittles and tied them with a ribbon.  Done and DONE!

Whew.  I have more b’day things that I’ve recently created to share with you in future posts, but a little note…this is the end of the b’day season here for a while and I’m totally RELIEVED!  I’ve had a b’day every weekend since late June.  No kidding.  However, I am actually considering throwing an Un-B’day party for family.  I’ll take photos for you if I actually go through with it!!  😀


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  1. breakfast@tiffany's says:

    Love everything! I think the cake topper looks gorgeous, and I love how the cut outs look with the rice krispie treats. So inspiring, thanks!

  2. Great job Joy! I totally know what you mean about waiting til the last minute but everything you got done looks great! I love the cutouts with the Rice Krispies …so simple but looks so cute!

  3. Ally (Aveline) says:

    WOW! How will you top this for 16?!?! 🙂

    I have a major soft-spot for fleur de lis, and I’m impressed w/ the way you brought the same cut-outs to the (heart-shaped) krispie treats! Maybe you’ll even find a way to wrap the doily around the stand and get it to show through from under the cake plate…y’know…for your husband. 😉

  4. Super Cute! I think I need bags, tags and boxes AND Lyrical letters. My checkbook will thank you later 🙂 LOL

  5. Looks great!!! Love the green platter thingy!!!

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