Cricut Cartridge Checklist UPDATED & Discontinued Cricut Cartridges List UPDATED

Cricut Cartridge Checklist & App – No Longer Available

Thanks so much for your support of the Checklist and App over the years! In 2019, we decided to stop updating the app and checklist due to time constraints and technology changes. Plus, Cricut has a very good online presence (which they did not have in the past), and with so many digital purchases happening via their site, you can find them in your Cricut account. Thank you again sweet Cricut friends! Happy Crafting!!


Woo hoo!!  The Cricut Cartridge Checklist is now updated!  The list remembers your checked cartridges and you can print it out too.  If you’re having a hard time finding a particular cartridge do a search of the page by holding down the CTRL button and the F.  Then you can type in whatever you’re looking for, hit enter and it will do a quick search.

Click HERE for the Cricut Cartridge Checklist (or click the button that’s always on the left side of this page).


I’ve also updated the Discontinued Cricut cartridge list.  Ya hate seeing ’em go, but there are new ones coming out all the time so try not to cry too much.

Click HERE for the Discontinued Cricut Cartridge List

Have a Crafty Day!

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  1. kaperture says:

    Thanks for taking the time to make and post this list! It’s really helpful.


  2. Appreciate the update. Hmmm, most of what I own is already discontinued. Although a common business practice, I’m not a huge fun of simply rebranding a lot of old stuff into “new” cartridges.

  3. You’re welcome Kayla! I’m glad it’s helpful to you. 🙂

  4. 7524kes,
    I know what you mean. I don’t want repackaged “old”, I want new NEW. 😉

  5. Thanks Joy! I’m so lovin’ the new look on your blog! I grabbed you new blinkie! 🙂

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