Tweets Milk Carton – Cricut Stretch Your Imagination

I just had to make this…and I have no clue why.  After I was finished making  the carton (this is from paper, not an empty milk carton…yuck!) … I though it was just soooo cute…and also was something that … I didn’t need AT ALL.  😛  Oh well, I turned it into a candy holder for my deal ole’ Mom for Mother’s Day.  I found a template online and imported it into Make the Cut and then I used the Cricut to cut it out.  That was really cool.  I still had to score it though.

I just recently bought Stretch Your Imagination and between you and me…I didn’t really need it.  So, I’m especially glad I found a use for it!  I used it to make that little chick, the shadow AND the frame!!  That’s TWEET Sweet!  (An overdone joke is like a burned piece of toast…usable, but stinks.)  I used Storybook for the lettering.  It has some pretty fonts.  You want to know what else I used for the chick, frame, tweets part of the project?  My little Personal Cricut!  I love that baby bug.  Really!!  It’s so portable and perfect for a project like this one.

Here’s some other stuff I used:

Ok, the weird looking red thing on the left is a paper crimper.  I ran the top of the milk carton through it and it crimped it.  Yes, I paid for that…no, I can’t really justify it.  LOL!  It does look cool though.  I also used Zip Dry paper glue which was terrific for applying tiny things like the TWEET saying and the googly eyes.  The paper is called “Cut N’ Paste” by K&Company, size 4.75×6.75. I also used yellow Stickles for the chick and “Tweets”.  Also used but not shown, Cuttlebug folders: Distressed Stripes (frame & Tweets background) and Swiss Dots (that’s what gave the little chick that itchy rash).

Let’s Observe Crimping a Moment:

But Wait! There’s More!!

Ahhh…bask in the glory of the crimp.

Moving On…

Nothing says “Gift” like a bag of candy stuffed into a fake milk carton.

Cello bags stuffed with goodies…how I love you.  Got that bag from Stampin’ Up, size medium.  Now, I just have to cram gently add that bag to the faux milk carton and I have a cutie little gift for my Mom.

Well I hope you enjoyed my little milkless gift carton!  Have a great day!

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  1. Joy, i won’t tell your husband about the cartridge if you don’t tell mine–I have snuck about a dozen in so far this year. Love the milk carton.

  2. Katsews and Joy, maybe we should start some sort of cricut cart underground. I’ve snuck in 4 this week!

  3. Great project and great gift idea! I have an arrangement with my hubby…..I won’t ask him how much his tools cost and he won’t ask how much my papercrafting is.

  4. Very CUTE project! Love it! FYI…Teacher Appreciation week is the first week in May. This would be an awesome gift for your favorite teachers. Some “TWEETS” for your favorite teachers! Just saying! 🙂

  5. OK, so I just got my Expression last Friday, and my Superboy, Jacob is just like your superboy. He LOVES the Expression. I had to hold him off with a whip until I had time to use it. Maybe we should have our sons Facebook each other and have an EXPRESSION OFF CONTEST!


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