Me & SuperKid 3 – Cricut “Gulf” School Poster

I made the kiddo hold the poster over his head for the photo. 😀

My youngest needed a visual aid for a report he was doing.  He is my biggest Cricut supporter, next to DH, though DH never wants to use my stuff, LOL.  He’s always so happy for me when I get a new crafty item and he plans ways we can use it together.  He’s the only one in the family who actually has his own crafty stash among my things.  Really, he has his own box with paper and everything.  So sweet.

Poster Planning Stage

He told me what he wanted on his poster and how big it should be.  He chose the cartridge (Life is a Beach) and picked all the paper to use from my scrap box.  He pushed the buttons on my Cricut Expression (Dean) and glued everything down.  My job?  I created the anchor chain on my Gypsy using ovals from George and Basic Shapes and welded them together.  Hey, he should work with me more often!  I wonder how much he’d charge? 😉  Though…he did tell me what to do a lot.  Hey…he’s so fired.

My other big contribution? Suggesting that the waves go ON TOP of the poster. Sweet! I did that here too.


Would you look at that?!  He even used Stickles on the crabs eyes AND he used the FLIP function on the Cricut to make the little crabs face a different direction from the big one.  A crafter for sure! 😉

Well, that’s it!  He was proud of his poster and he complimented me on the chain. 🙂

Have a Swell Day!  (ha ha ha…waves…swell…ha ha ha)



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  1. Awwww, too cute AND informative. What a great job (you, too!). The stickles eyes are impressive. Working on (I mean with!) my toddler to enjoy crafts. He loves to use the Cuttlebug — but only wants to make spiders and spiderwebs!

  2. Melissa Perry says:


  3. Love the poster. I can’t tell you how many times we have used our cricut for school projects. Love the chain you made. For future reference, there is a ball and chain icon on the wedding solution cartridge. (i made one for my hubby! lol)
    My two youngest ones have their own table, paper stash , and a few tools in my scraproom, keeps em outta my stuff!

    1. Jan, you’re a genius! The Wedding cartridge, duh!! Thank you! 😉

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