Cricut Imagine + Crackle Paint on Ink AND Cricut Mat Crafting Surface

Here is the pretty screen of the new Cricut Imagine.  Look, it even has swirls in the background.

Here is a garland that I printed and cut using my Cricut Imagine.

I also print and cut “Cat-ti-tude”. You saw both of these cuts in yesterday’s post where I made the cat bag.

Well, you know that once I cut and printed using my Imagine I had to attack the result with something.  😉  This time…it’s crackle.  I wanted to see if I could crackle the result and how the ink would respond.  I think it stood up well!  I spread the crackle over both the garland and the “cat-ti-tude”.

There is some smearing, but it’s an acceptable amount to me.

I let it sit overnight and was less happy with the crackle than I am with the way the ink stayed on.  I think my crackling would be better shown on a different item.  However…I learned 2 things!!  #1 – The ink from the Imagine can take crackle pretty well.  Yay.  #2 – The back of on old Cricut mat is a good surface to craft on!!  SWEET!  I was pretty happy to find that out!

So…flip over an old tired mat and craft on it!!  Woo hoo!  Thumbs up to that find for sure!!

Have a Crafty Weekend!!




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  1. You’re always honest with your opinion about certain products, Joy. Do you think the Imagine is worth the $500 price tag?

  2. I love the crackled look! I just wanted to say thanks again for the great prizes from the blog hop! You’re great!

  3. Hi Joy! TGIF. Thanks for the screen shot and the review. Great idea of using the back of the cutting mats to craft on. I love your blog.

  4. Thanks for a shot of the Imagine screen, didn’t know about the auto fill and fit to page. Would you give your honest opinion about the Imagine?? Let us know the pros and cons please? Should I be lusting after this thing or not???? Thanks so much for all you do!

  5. Hello Joy and all. I am a busy working wife and mother and elder care-taker (DAD) and time is precious. I love crafting and just finally bought a Cricut Expressions. I am writing because I have been looking and praying for a blog group of wonderful scrapbookers with whom I could share and learn from and feel like I belong. After three visits, I am gratefully becoming part of this terrific group of “artists”. I have been looking for two years and just didn’t feel at home or feel like I was learning or able to contribute. Can I say “THANK GOD!” you are all here”
    In one week I have learned new techniques, how to paint my Cricut someday, how to crackle paint and the cards and videos are wonderful. I AM HOME!!!!!
    Genya J

    1. GenyaJ,
      I am so honored by what you wrote. It made my day. 😀 I started this site because I didn’t have any friends who liked to craft and didn’t know a soul who owned a Cricut. Thank you so much for sharing this comment with everyone. It’s the best compliment Joy’s Life could receive…and I won’t take it as a compliment for myself because although this site is created and run by me, it’s the people who visit and comment who help make it what it is. Thank you Genya and thank you to everyone who comes by. 😀

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