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Wine Rack Vinyl Storage

I am enjoying the way my craft room is shaping up and I feel like it’s definitely been worth all the planning and effort.  Today I wanted to show you my newest idea…using a WINE RACK to store this fun vinyl!

Wine Racks for Vinyl Storage

I bought this particular wine rack at Target for about $15.  Amazon has a huge selection of wine racks that would work great!  You might even have one hanging around the house right now!  This is a great way for me to store my fancy vinyl.  It’s so pretty I just like seeing it.  This isn’t how I store all my vinyl though because I have a whole lot of it.  I store the rest of it in the trundle of the daybed in my craft room.

My Other Vinyl Storage

The only monster under this bed is made out of vinyl. LOL!

The vinyl on the left is outdoor, on the right is indoor.  I’ve stored most of my heat transfer vinyl flat, but some that I just got is still rolled up together and the colors aren’t even separated.  Oh well, hopefully I’ll use it all up soon creating some cool things.  I have t-shirts just waiting to get a fun upgrade.

I hope you enjoyed my wine rack vinyl storage idea.  It’s really adding a spot of fun to my room!

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  1. OMG!! Look at all of that vinyl and the colors.

  2. WOW! You really have a lot of VINYL! I guess they don’t call you the VINYL QUEEN for nothing! 🙂
    I like your idea for the fancier vinyl’s…. they look so pretty! TFS! 😉


  3. CathyinMN says:

    The wine bottle rack was a great idea for storing your vinyl! You sure have a lot of vinyl; love the way you store it, but how do you think of it when it’s out of sight. My problem is: Out of sight, out of mind.

    1. CathyinMN,
      Outta sight, outta mind is so often true! I think my head is probably made out of vinyl though because I never forget about it. 🙂 Part of what helps me is that I keep it separated in the drawer. So, if I need regular/indoor vinyl I know it’s in the middle and outdoor & heat transfer is on the left. I like working with vinyl so much, I guess it’s never far from my mind. You know what is far from my mind? My Yudu. I totally forgot I had one. It’s still in a closet under the stairs. Maybe I should bring it into my craft room. IDK though, that thing is a beast! LOL!
      Have a great day!

  4. OMG ! What beautiful vinyls. I’ve never seen so many colors or designs. I sure wish I had a room to put all of my crafting items in. Maybe, then I could find stuff and not end up buying a second one of something.

    1. Imbigrnu,
      I know what you mean about not having a craft room space and buying seconds of things you already have. I used to craft in a CLOSET! Before the closet, it was the kitchen table. I often forgot what I had because I couldn’t see it. While moving into this room, I’ve taken back over $50 worth of things I had doubles of, didn’t need or forgot why I bought. I’m still looking for receipts to take back some of the other stuff I found. One thing I thought I had a ton of but really don’t is ink. One thing I didn’t think I had enough of, but have 3 containers full of…adhesives! LOL!

  5. pcrusberg says:

    Girl, you’ve got a lot of vinyl!!! I really must start doing more vinyl projects. I know where to come for inspiration when I’m ready…right here!

  6. Jeannette Butler says:

    So “jealous” of your vinyl stash!!! I have 2 colors: white and navy. 🙁 I am thankful for those 2 colors, but I’m really limited as most of my house is in lighter blues/periwinkle and lavenders. Can’t wait to see the end results of your craft room!!

  7. Joydee1963 says:

    Joy,That’s a cool idea! You got some pretty vinyl! Got to get some to do a bag like yours ! Joy

  8. cindyeinwa says:

    Joy, I just don’t think you have enough vinyl!! LOL I really liked your pun … very clever. Great idea!

  9. kaperture says:

    Woah! I think this is the cleverest thing since corkscrew openers!


  10. patriciao73 says:

    Now that is another neat idea! And like you said, you get to see all your pretty patterned vinyl!

  11. bunnyfreak says:

    Love the vinyl storage in the wine rack. You have a ton of vinyl. I just tried heat transfer vinyl and loved it.

  12. Hi! This is a great idea! I will be featuring your idea over at Craft Storage Ideas next week! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. I’m so glad you like it, Laura! Thanks for featuring it! You have a great weekend too!
      Thank you!

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