Martha Stewart Cricut Cake Crafts Edition

Hey, I liked the red one.  Well, with this white one out maybe everyone won’t always think my red Expression is a Cricut Cake.  Hmmm…  Frankly, I think this Martha Cake ought to be fancier.  It’s just…white.  Ho hum.  Could we get a flower?  Even a small tasteful flower?  Maybe?

In addition to the Cricut Cake Martha Stewart Crafts Edition, there will also be three Cartridges with Martha Stewart Designs. The cartridges are: “All Occasions,” “Elegant,” and “Seasonal Cake Art.”

It’s like Heaven this thing is so white.

Do you just have to have this thing?  Ok.  You’ll have to buy it through HSN.  It’s Exclusive to them.  Here’s the link.

Martha Stewart All Occasion Cake Art Cartridge Booklet CLICK HERE

Martha Stewart Elegant Cake Art Cricut Cartridge Booklet CLICK HERE

Martha Stewart Seasonal Cake Art Cricut Cartridge Booklet CLICK HERE

JOY’S CRICUT “FAKE” VIDEOS 😉  CLICK RIGHT HERE BABY!!  Want to read about me threatening to beat Martha with one of her own punches?  RIGHT HERE.

Hey don’t miss my GIVE A WAY!!!  And my rockin’ video (yes, I did feel a need  to say that about myself, LOL!)  HERE!!

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  1. I don’t have to have it. I have to have more cartridges and more time to play tho HA!

    1. I’m with you there Tangee! I need a machine that will make a clone of me so I can have more time to craft! Maybe Xerox will come out with a cloning machine, LOL!

  2. I am a bit surprised too that the machine doesn’t have some extra FLAIR to it. Maybe they want it to look more “sterile” for the kitchen environment… BORING!! I am really liking the cartridges tho…. I mean the borders are incredible, love them!

  3. When I told my Hubby that Martha was getting involved with ProvoCraft, he said “Oh Lord, please don’t tell me you’re going to start making curtains with your Cricut!”
    He thinks mixing the two (Martha and Cricut) is a BAD idea (-:

  4. After all of the difficulties I’ve seen people having with the Cake I don’t see myself getting one anytime soon. Although in theory it looks like a cool thing to have. I certainly won’t buy it with that price tag!(Martha doesn’t impress me THAT much!!) Now if she came to my house and gave me a private tutorial, maybe I’d reconsider. LOL!


    1. Winnielosie,
      Yes, you can use any of the Cake cartridges with any Cricut for paper crafting or whatever you might cut (or draw) with your Cricut. Good question!! 🙂

  6. I too am surprised that the machine doesn’t have more of a Martha-esque feel to it. I’d think that she’d want to put her mark on it. On the other hand, the cartridges do have that Martha “feel”…I’ve got to go take a good look at the handbooks!

  7. Is the company hurting that bad they need Martha to have her hand in it too. I own the 4 cake cartridges. I wonder if they will be of the same quality and elaberate as they are now, or if they are like the solutions cartridges for the same price.

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