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Computer Binary Code Birthday Card with Silhouette Cameo and SEI

Computer Binary Code Birthday Card #SilhouetteCameo #SEI #LetteringDelights #JoysLifeStamps

I have two words for you: men’s cards.  I don’t know about you but for me coming up with a card for a man can be a challenge.  I’m making this card for my Father-in-Law’s birthday.  This card is my second attempt.  The first card I made…I kid you not…was shaped like a tombstone COMPLETELY by accident.  I used the shape from this card and thought it would be so cute.  It wasn’t.  To make my choice even worse, I used gray paper.  Seriously.  I was trying to create a computer theme but it looked like a card where computers go to die.  Way to wish someone a depressing birthday, right?  Then I came up with this card using some of the same images that I started with and this fun (not gray) paper by SEI!

Computer Binary Code Birthday Card #SilhouetteCameo #SEI #LetteringDelights #JoysLifeStamps

I really like the way SEI’s paper cuts.  I’m using it in my Silhouette Cameo.  If you need help with your Cameo, check out my tutorials!

Computer Binary Code Birthday Card #SilhouetteCameo #SEI #LetteringDelights #JoysLifeStamps

I created two inserts for my card using the Silhouette software.  First, I made a white rectangle to fit behind the numbers so they would show up well.  Next, I made a green rectangle to cover the white so the inside of the card would match.  It wasn’t necessary but I didn’t like the way the white looked just sitting there being all stark.  I made the card by using a rounded rectangle, adding a line to the middle and making it perforated.


I used Lettering Delights Programmed for Love svg file to create this; specifically, the “01101101…” binary code in the bottom left of the photo.  I imported the image, ungrouped it and enlarged the numbers.  By the way, I checked out what this binary actually says and it says, “Miss”.  Whatever.  LOL!  Happy Birthday is pretty long in binary.

Computer Binary Code Birthday Card #SilhouetteCameo #SEI #LetteringDelights #JoysLifeStamps

I used my ATG gun on the edges of my card and got adhesive where I didn’t want it.  ACK!  If that happens to you use an eraser like this to rub the glue away.  Use a clean side of it so you don’t mark up your card.  That’s why mine is missing pieces, I cut dirty parts of it off.

Computer Binary Code Birthday Card #SilhouetteCameo #SEI #LetteringDelights #JoysLifeStamps

The tag was slicker than I thought and I smeared my stamp.  No worries!  I used it as an opportunity to make a more creative tag by using some of my scraps.  I got this tag from the Athenaeum Creative Pack by SEI.

Computer Binary Code Birthday Card #SilhouetteCameo #SEI #LetteringDelights #JoysLifeStamps

This stamp comes from the Joy’s Life “My Hero” stamp set.

Joy's Life My Hero Stamps from joyslife.com #joyslifestamps

Computer Binary Code Birthday Card #SilhouetteCameo #SEI #LetteringDelights #JoysLifeStamps

Here’s the inside with the added green insert hiding the white that backs the numbers.

Computer Binary Code Birthday Card #SilhouetteCameo #SEI #LetteringDelights #JoysLifeStamps

I wrote this post while participating as a member of the SEI Design Team.

SEI Design Team Member #SEI

Happy Crafting!

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  1. That is too funny…they say when that happens, it’s your subconscious at work…yeah, okay. It is a cute card, and it brings back memories…remember Lotus and 5 1/2″ floppy disks? I love the paper, reminds me of confetti…so, did you use the left over bits for anything?

    1. I didn’t use the leftovers for anything but I kept feeling like I should. They were in perfect condition so they actually would have made cute confetti! Gosh, 5 1/2″ floppys…I do remember! On a more recent note, remember how AOL used to send out so many CDs that people didn’t know what to do with them all? I was thinking about that the other day. Crazy how things change!

  2. LOVE YOUR CARD!! Like you, I have a terrible time coming up with masculine cards. Takes me a while to think of something to do

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