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Vinyl Heart Mirror

Well, I decided to decorate our guest bath mirror with some vinyl hearts.  Do you like it?  I used hearts from Home Decor, Sweethearts and the Gypsy Font.  I think I still need to add a few small ones in a couple of spaces.

Here I’m doing my best “Demo Hand” impression.

Here I’m telling you “You Can Do This Too!”

Remember when I told you how to do this?  Well, I showed you at Christmas when I put up the vinyl on the transom.  Here’s a link to it:

Vinyl Merry Christmas Link

Now…let’s try to stay out of the bathroom for a while.  I’m sure there are more appealing places to discuss.  LOL

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  1. margievisnick says:

    Love this mirror Joy!

  2. costapuck says:

    Very cool Joy! You have inspired me to do something with the mirror in my half bathroom. It is decorated in a coffee theme decor… any suggestions? Thank you for sharing 🙂


  3. Cindy,
    How about hearts with cup cakes that match your decor. and other sweet things that will pull it all together for your 1/2 bath? Maybe even a couple of steaming coffee cups……..but beware, looking at all those sweet things, just may make you hungry and carry you off to the kitchen to bake. If you want something more permanent, I will have to do some more thinking………..LOL that is dangerous cause I am not sure the brain wants to go back into OVER DRIVE

  4. costapuck says:

    Thanks Marlene – I will be heading to my Cricut soon to explore handbooks for some cupcakes and steaming mugs 🙂 This could be dangerous – LOL!


    P.S. – it’s too early to think hard – have another cup of Joe and relax 🙂 🙂

  5. sy3_smith says:

    That looks so cute!

  6. breakfast@tiffanys says:

    I love it! Great way to decorate to celebrate a holiday!

  7. cbeautifullone says:

    That is a beautiful way to make your guest feel welcome.

  8. flowerskissing says:

    Ok now I need to get the vinyl out and come up with a plan. Do you know if you can save the vinyl cutouts once you take them down? That would save money if you can place the same cuts up next year.

  9. supermom3x says:

    Super cute Joy! I’ve done this kinda thing for my kids. In the middle of the night I’ll post something on their bathroom mirror for them to wake up to. Isn’t it fun. I found some window cling at walmart and that’s what I used so I can take it off keep it and surprise them again and again! lol

    1. Supermom3x,
      I think your clings are the sweetest idea AND smart too. Peel it off and use it again?! Genius! Too bad I can’t really do that with vinyl. Clings are brilliant!

  10. Hey Cindy,
    I looked up all the coffee/mug/tea things and this is what I found:
    Beyond Birthday – steaming coffee cup & saucer
    From My Kitchen – Coffee Pot, cup & saucer
    Heritage – tea set
    Lyrical Letters – steaming coffee cup close up; hi friend sentiment with coffee cup
    A Child’s Year – steaming cup of coffee
    Christmas Cheer – steaming mug
    Gypsy Wanderings – mug with heart on it (PERFECT, I think)
    There are probably some others, but that’s what I found. I did a search on my Gypsy under coffee, tea and mug.
    I hope that helps!

  11. Oh Joy, I think I am going to have to make another trip to the south one of these days just to meet you for coffee. I am so inspired by you and reading the posts of others……..Are you becoming the next Facebook to the elite of crafters.? You take that extra step to be helpful and to follow up on an idea. I so want to retire at times…..
    (The snow fairy is angry with me, she is covering the land with her winterly mix of white fluff and frigid temperatures)

    1. Hey Marlene,
      I hope I’m answering your question correctly, but I from my experience water is really only good for taking the vinyl down. Once it gets wet on its sticky backing, it doesn’t want to stick anymore. Although, sometimes it can retain some stickiness once it dries.
      Also, sorry the Snow Fairy is angry with you. It was 50 here today and I still turned on the fireplace and wore a pullover. LOL
      Wow, the next Facebook? That would be pretty cool! Thank you for the super nice comments.

  12. Supermom3x
    What dept in Walmart did you find the window cling. I think that would be a great idea to make things that my grandkids could put up………..lol…..A few years ago when my daughter was married to her first husband, a red wings fan, I found some window clings that were for the team. I bought him a toilet seat as their bathroom was decorated with Red wing stuff. I adhered the window clings to the toilet seat and wrapped the present for Christmas. Hey they needed a new seat, the other one was broke. Needless to say, he did not leave the clings on the toilet seat and put them on the mirror. But he sure had a funny look when he opened that present.

  13. I will be buying a lot of vinyl pretty soon as my daughter informed me that she wants to do some decorating around the top of the walls in the girls room. I wished my daughter didn’t loan out all my stencils from Donna Dewberry that I bought years ago. Has anyone applied Vinyl to walls? How was it when you took it off?

    Ok. off here to do some exploring.

  14. Didn’t quite leave yet? Joy, I used to work at Jeep and the black stuff around the etc, was a sort of vinyl that was adhered to the painted car with water and then the glue was heat set on the car………..aside from that, I was wondering if one could put things on the mirrors with water and if they would stick. Then just peel them off when the holiday was over………Just a thought as it is early in the morning………It sure would save a lot of scrubbing when you took it down since it is temporary for the holidays.

  15. I know about getting the glue wet………and how that would not work……….
    I was wondering if the vinyl would just stick on a mirror if you used water……probably not because of the weight, but it was a thought.

  16. Try a wind chill in the negative numbers today…….And it is snowing again. Just peachy! I don’t mind snow, but let it be enough to keep you home, not just make the roads wicked. Guess I am getting old.

    I have now been drafted at work as the card maker. I will be making cards for the monthly birthday pot luck and celebrations for about 100+ workers……….Me and my big mouth.

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