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The Score Lines Defined for the Cricut Easter Basket

This paper isn’t dirty, I promise! It’s got that vintage, randomly tinted look.

These scoring tools will help a bunch!! Scoring Board and Bone Folder

I found the Cricut Easter basket from the Easter Seasonal cartridge to be a pain to score.  For me, it was difficult to find the score lines.  It made me think that maybe other people had that problem with it too, so I made this quick tutorial.

I hope it helps!

The thing on the bottom is the handle.

The purple ribbons mark each of the 7 score lines.  Make sure you look carefully at the sides before you put adhesive on them.  You don’t want to put it on the wrong side and it can get confusing when you’re doing all this folding.

This is where the little slits are for the handle.  Here’s a little tip.  If you can’t find the score marks in your paper, hold it up to a bright light.  You should be able to see the light shining though those areas.

Yay!  After you do all that scoring, you just fold and you see it quickly take shape.  Glue the folds at the bottom for a solid base.  Lastly, attach the handle and you’re all done!  Ta Da!!  Aren’t you good?  You better believe it!  <<clap clap clap>> I’m clapping for you!

If you’d like to see the Easter basket I completed, you can find it right here!

Next, I’ll show you something else I made with this!

Go Have a Crafty Day!

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