Twine Vase from Coke Bottle Better Homes and Gardens Magazine Knockoff


Ever since I saw the June 2012 issue of Better Homes and Gardens, I knew I wanted to do a knockoff of the twine bottles on the cover.

June 2012 Issue

 Eventually, I stopped staring at the cover and READ the magazine.  LOL! I’ve had the magazine since May and am so glad it didn’t get away from me and into the recycle bin yet.

This is all you need!

 I love making simple knockoff things from magazines.  This one is especially easy because I had everything on hand except the twine.  I bought my twine at a local craft store.

I’m using Tim Holtz Scissors, Martha Stewart Glue Gun and Jute Twine.

I started at the top.

I really wanted a twine that had a thickness about half the size of what I bought but my local store was restocking and said they’d have what I needed out later.  This morning it occurred to me that I could separate a length of twine to the width I preferred.  So, that’s what I did.  That was a cool discovery!  It means I really don’t need to go buy thinner twine.  YAY!  (If you need a whole lot of thin twine, buy thin twine.  It does get annoying to un-twirl tons of it.)

Use a paper plate under glue guns for less mess.

 This is simply a “cut twine, glue twine to bottle” project.  LOL!  I’m using the high glue setting on my glue gun.  I left an empty place at the lip of the bottle because I wanted to come back with a shorter piece of twine and adhere that when I was finished.  I thought it would be easier that way, instead of trying to get it to balance on the lip and then gluing the rest of the bottle.

Hey, I’m getting somewhere!

If you run out of a length of twine, don’t worry about it.  Just glue that end down and start with the next piece.  It will look just fine!

Almost done!

 There is a end in sight.  Thank goodness.  Wrapping bottles with twine and hot glue isn’t exactly the definition of thrilling.  LOL!

Awww yeah! DONE!

 Thanks to the dentist office visit my son made the other day, I also had flowers to add to my vase.  I know.  Say what?!  Flowers from the dentist?  Yeah.  Our dentist puts out flowers for the kiddos or adults to take to their mom, wife or for themselves.  I think that’s nice.  (…and I’m trying not to make jokes and comments about the huge dentistry bill but it’s very difficult…LOL…moving on…)


This is now living on our mantel.  I really like it!  I used a funnel to add water to the bottle so I wouldn’t get the twine all wet.  I doubt it really matters if you get it wet but I didn’t want to have a drippy bottle on my mantel.  So, if you fill yours with water you might consider a funnel too.

I’m happy that I reused this Coke bottle because it was one that my sons got when we went to the Sunflower farm.  I just like knowing that when I look at it. 🙂

Have a crafty day!


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  1. dolphin6859 says:

    It totally amazes me what little things you have around the house make such a great project.

  2. Krafty Kim says:

    Thanks for sharing your idea! It is really inspiring that you can look at a magazine and do the project just from a picture! I need to start thinking like you! LOL!

  3. staceyscreativecorner says:

    This is adorable! What a great idea!

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