Vinyl Snowflake Personalized Jingle Bell

Personalized Jingle Bell

Do you need some quick gifts?  A nifty present embellishment?  A festive door chime?  Well, this can cover all of those needs.  This is simply a jingle bell personalized with vinyl.  Don’t have any of the snowflake cartridges?  Don’t worry, they’re on some other carts too.  Some of these snowflakes came from the Don Juan Cricut cartridge. 😉  Check other carts you own for snowflakes too!

Need vinyl?  I like to buy mine from Expressions Vinyl.

I jingle jangled my way through Hobby Lobby with these bells and the ribbon.  However, the ribbon was MUCH quieter.  😀  I’ve also seen big jingle bells at Target. 😉

Yes, yes.  I could have gone with white for the snowflakes, but my jingle bell is celebrating Grinch Christmas in made-up-all-green-Whoville.  In Joy’s made-up-all-green-Whoville, it snows green.  So there.

I used Don Juan for the more intricate snowflakes and I cannot remember what cart I used for the other ones.  I’m sorry.  😐  I used Lyrical Letters for “Joy”.  I decorated my back door with vinyl snowflakes last year.  Wanna see?  CLICK HERE.

If you want to learn how to use vinyl with your Cricut, check out my Cricut Vinylology DVD. 😉

Happy Crafting!

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  1. I love this bell! I have to say I was at Michael’s tonight and thought of you. They had chargers for sale and the display had them decorated with paper and spelled out JOY!!! I should have taken a picture!

  2. I love this bell. Every year I help my Daycare children make something to bring home to their parents. THIS IS IT ! The parents are gonna love it Thanks for the great Idea Romy35

  3. OMG this definitely goes on the “to do” list. Just goes to show ya, sometimes simple is the best!

  4. Oh love this, it would be cool to put a couple of them together add ribbon and make a door hanger for ones to jingle when they arrive (like a door bell). Great idea.
    angel hugs

  5. OOOh what a cute idea! I’ve been taking clear glass ornaments and filling them with glitter and personalizing the outside with vinyl, since the glass etch stuff won’t work on them for some reason. I’ll have to try this now! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Love your bells. I was thinking about doing something very similar on glass ornaments I painted inside with glitter paint.

  7. Simply simple Joy. You make it so easy for the rest of us, thank you so much! You are my inspiration.

  8. Love the idea. I’m gonna have to try this, it looks so simple buy yet so nice. Everyone will think I worked for hours on it. Thanks.

  9. Absolutely precious! Gives me a great idea for the little something extra I’ve been looking for to hand on my Christmas tree…. thanks!

  10. ooh this is so pretty! I’ve never seen these jingle bells before. I’ll have to see if I can hit a hobby lobby soon.

  11. LOVE these!!! Will have to stop in to Target to see if I can find those big bells! About how big are they? 2 or 3 inches or so?

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