A Tree-T For You Card

It’s SuperJoy Loves Her SuperFriends Day!  Don’t miss the GIVE AWAY at the bottom of this Post!

Bunnies love to celebrate birthdays. It’s a fact.

I created this a while ago and realize it’s not very Fall”ish”, but Super Husband is out of town and I have a bunch of things to do with the Super Kids and our Crafty Lair.  I hope you understand and enjoy this Halloween Springoween birthday card anyway.  BTW, there is a TREE-T for you at the bottom of this post!

Using the Gypsy along with my Cricut Imagine, I was able to choose patterns from the Cricut Imagine Yummy cartridge and apply them to the trees from the Cricut Give a Hoot cartridge. Of course, you don’t have to have an Imagine to create this card. You can use any Cricut along with the Give a Hoot cartridge and your choice of papers.

In true “near Halloween” fashion, if you want several trees for the rabbit to hide behind, you’ll need to chop hand cut the little rabbit right off the trees.  SPOOKY…CREEPY…WOO…WOOO…  LOL!  I used my Cutter Bee Scissors to do just that. I cut each of the trees at 3 1/2″.

I used pop dots under the trees to give the card dimension. I love pop dots!

I used the “a tree-t for you” stamp from the Joy’s Life Yummy Puns clear stamp set. Using these stamps is easy! All you have to do is stick them to an acrylic stamp block, ink them and stamp! Simple as pie. Oh, Yummy Puns has a “Pie Love You” stamp too!  You know who really likes pie?  Me!  Fruit pies are my favorite.  Cherry used to be my #1, but now it’s apple.

My fake ribbon from paper.

I didn’t have any ribbon the exact color of my cardstock, so I cut a piece of cardstock down to a thin ribbon size. I punched holes in the “a tree-t for you” tag and inserted brads to help balance the look of the card.  The grass was made using the awesome Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors.  There you have it! A tree-t for you!

Here’s the real Tree-T for You…a GIVE AWAY!

The 14th of every month I celebrate YOU!  SuperJoy Loves Her SuperFriends Day was a day I created to thank you for being a part of my site.  I appreciate you and thank you for coming by and sharing this love of crafting with me. 🙂 

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Here’s a video I made showing how to use the Spool & Store!

This month I’m giving away TWO Spool & Store ribbon containers! Just leave a comment telling me one of the ways that you store things in your crafty space. I’ll pick two winners and announce them on this post on Wednesday, September 21. 🙂


grambojoan says:
September 15, 2011 at 3:14 PM

i have all my ribbon stored in a box with little paper clips holding the ends to keep them from unwinding. so i really need the ribbon storage system thanks for the chance to win

Rebecca Wagner says:
September 19, 2011 at 8:16 AM

Great card! The bunny is a little frightening though. LOL I would love to win the organizer for ribbon as I have outgrown my little spool hanger with all the beautiful ribbon out there. Thanks for a chance to win.

I hope your day is GREAT!

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  1. Yayyy, got the laptop back up and running but I liked your password much better than mine so I’m keeping it if you don’t mind, lol. I absolutely love those trees on your card. The bunny? Kinda creeps me out a bit. Your craft room is coming along, mine is still a work inprogress. I love how much room I found when I ditched the 2 desks and put in a painted (by me) $20 door from Lowes and put it on some Closetmaid storage.

  2. Right now I’m loving the cricut cart storage, you make a little box holder for your carts and then put them all in a plastic craft box, in ABC order and the overlays/books go into another box in ABC order, but I modified and put them alltogether in one box, carts on one side and overlays/books on the other. The other thing is a shoe box organizer my DH brought home for me. Love the blog and your room is coming along very nicely.

  3. Storage is always a problem for us crafters, isn’t it! Love your punch/shoe rack idea! I don’t have a ton of punches so I keep them in a Rubbermaid type drawer unit.
    One thing that helps me with my crafting is using a plastic 5 drawer set I got at Walmart ir Target. I use it near my scrap table and have sorted all my paper scraps into them. I have a pink/purple drawer, a red’/blue drawer, black white and tan drawer, etc. I go there first to see if I have a the size scrap I need for cutting on the Cricut or using on cards. Of course, it usually seems I either don’t have a big enough piece of scrap or I don’t have the color I want! Oh well . . . I AM Trying! LOL!
    Thanks SUPER JOY!!

  4. Right now I have an old 9 drawer dresser (read that as a “credenza” LOL) that I have all my cricut cartridges in (in alphabetical order)….I know, I know, (Compulsive….sorry!). I also keep all of my clear stamps in binders in page protectors. Each binder is labeled by “brand” or “brands” (if I only have a few sets from one company)…my binders are stored in the bookcases my hubby installed for me…ongoing projects are stored in clear plastic containers that are labeled so when I find items for each project I can immediately put it in the correct container…I also have two plastic drawer towers with 7 drawers each that I keep all my paper color coordinated in each drawer…so far, this has worked for me…Oh, did I mention that I took over what was supposed to our Formal Living Room for my craft room…Our house is oddly shaped and we would never have used it as a formal room anyhoos! Love keeping up with you through facebook! Thanks SuperJoy for all the wonderful inspiration!

  5. Because my craft room is in our bedroom for now, I have to try and stay organized and out of control. for me, that is not easy! I am a mess! But, I just got a paper shelving cube from Michaels for my 12×12 and I got a 6 drawer bin on wheels for the smaller packs, stamps, stamp pads and embellishments which helps. I also have a 3 plastic drawer one for envelopes,odds and ends and scraps. I use an old plastic dvd round holder for ribbon remnants which is spiraling out of control!! I love seeing what everyones rooms look like so I can get some better storage ideas. I think you need more punches! lol too funny…
    love the bunny, too cute!
    [email protected]

  6. I am using a book shelf that I purchased at a Border’s Going Out of Business sale to store my paper! I love it! All of my paper is by color and/or collection. It’s wonderful. I LOVE the way you are using the shoe rack for your punches. I’m going to have to start looking at the thrift stores! Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Hi joy!
    I’m still learning lots of ways to organize my craft things! I made myself a cartridge binder using a huge binder, cardstock, those clear project cover pages and some velcro. I use a basket for cards/envelopes and a basket for punches. Everything else gets stored my drawer organizers. I have to cram it all into my room in residence and still have room to sleep! haha but my bottom big drawer has 3 12×12 paper holders (plain, pattern, scrap) as well as my embosser, big bite, atg gun and score board. Don’t ask me how, but I make it all fit. Thanks for the chance to win joy!!! 🙂
    ps. your new space is looking great!

  8. I’m just starting to get organized but I have some of my stamp sets in binders in page protectors. I have my cricut handbooks and overlays in a photo box in alphabetical order and the cartridge are in a snapware container in alphabetical order. My dad made me some wood paper and stamp pad holders. I keep all my Stampin Up paper together and all the rest of my paper is sorted by colors. I’m about to separate my scraps into gallon sized ziploc baggies by color.

  9. I love my cubes from Michaels. My entire space is filled with them (bookshelf, desk, stand for my wide-format printer, etc). I also have a small side table with clear canning jars that I keep all of my flowers in by color. Right now, that is one of my favorites. It looks pretty and it is very functional. Thanks for the chance to win. Kim

  10. Being a very new crafter; my things are mainly all in boxes and bags in the corner of the living room as I have no other space.
    This is going to be very challenging! Thanks for a chance to win.


  11. I have a room all to myself ( after waiting 35 five years to have my own art space and 7 out out of eight childern have moved on) one wall has the white cubes and some are counter high for the cricut then it drops down to table hieght for the sewing area on the drop down cube area Iput peg board (made by the cube company) and it holds things and makes use of that space, I all so have shelves above the cubes and under the shelves I put eye hooks and strung wire so I could display my pages I even strung beads to pretty up the wire. If you want pictures would be happy to share. Keeponscrapn

  12. What a pretty card. The ribbon organizer looks great. I have my ribbon stored on top of my three drawer paper organizer and also on a Making Memories embelishment organizer that has dowels for it. For traveling, I’ve taken a couple of yards off the spools and put them into little contrainers inside a bigger container. It’s a cropper hopper organizer tool.

  13. I have ribbon strewn hither and yon right now due to the start of football season. It’s time to start creating garters and mums for homecoming! If I had the ribbon organizer, I would be able to easily find, measure and cut, and store the millions of bolts of ribbon I work with daily. Currently, everything is thrown in a tub and has to be sorted each and every time I used it.

  14. I am constantly trying to organize- when space is limited…good storage options are a MUST!!!! I have organized all my paper into crop hoppers, which definately helps!!! I am realized I never need to buy more green paper….EVER!!!!!! Who knew I liked green so much!!!!!???? I also organized my button and brads into jewelry containers that lock individually to keep items from mixing together found at Michaels in the jewelry isle. Love this!!! And the little containers go into a purple binder….love this!!!! I am in the process of organizing my clear stamps into Tim Holtz binders….LOVE these!!!! I love organization!!!!

  15. Great card! The bunny is a little frightening though. LOL I would love to win the organizer for ribbon as I have outgrown my little spool hanger with all the beautiful ribbon out there. Thanks for a chance to win.

  16. I feel like I spend more time organizing my scrap room than actually making something! I’m sooooo messy! LOL! The ribbon holder would definitely help! Thanks Joy!

  17. I love using bookshelves for storage and I use a dresser that my daughter outgrew. (she didn’t actually wear the dresser-it’s just too small for her ever-growing wardrobe.)
    I love this idea for the paper punches. I think I will “borrow” it.

  18. I currently use a dowel for my ribbon storage. It works well except I’m getting to many ribbons! I use wire storage cubes configured to my needs to store paper, albums, xyron, paper cutters, etc. I assembled them the way I wanted and attached them to each other with zip ties. Works great and it’s inexpensive too.

    Thanks for all your inspiration!

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