A Tree-T For You Card

It’s SuperJoy Loves Her SuperFriends Day!  Don’t miss the GIVE AWAY at the bottom of this Post!

Bunnies love to celebrate birthdays. It’s a fact.

I created this a while ago and realize it’s not very Fall”ish”, but Super Husband is out of town and I have a bunch of things to do with the Super Kids and our Crafty Lair.  I hope you understand and enjoy this Halloween Springoween birthday card anyway.  BTW, there is a TREE-T for you at the bottom of this post!

Using the Gypsy along with my Cricut Imagine, I was able to choose patterns from the Cricut Imagine Yummy cartridge and apply them to the trees from the Cricut Give a Hoot cartridge. Of course, you don’t have to have an Imagine to create this card. You can use any Cricut along with the Give a Hoot cartridge and your choice of papers.

In true “near Halloween” fashion, if you want several trees for the rabbit to hide behind, you’ll need to chop hand cut the little rabbit right off the trees.  SPOOKY…CREEPY…WOO…WOOO…  LOL!  I used my Cutter Bee Scissors to do just that. I cut each of the trees at 3 1/2″.

I used pop dots under the trees to give the card dimension. I love pop dots!

I used the “a tree-t for you” stamp from the Joy’s Life Yummy Puns clear stamp set. Using these stamps is easy! All you have to do is stick them to an acrylic stamp block, ink them and stamp! Simple as pie. Oh, Yummy Puns has a “Pie Love You” stamp too!  You know who really likes pie?  Me!  Fruit pies are my favorite.  Cherry used to be my #1, but now it’s apple.

My fake ribbon from paper.

I didn’t have any ribbon the exact color of my cardstock, so I cut a piece of cardstock down to a thin ribbon size. I punched holes in the “a tree-t for you” tag and inserted brads to help balance the look of the card.  The grass was made using the awesome Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors.  There you have it! A tree-t for you!

Here’s the real Tree-T for You…a GIVE AWAY!

The 14th of every month I celebrate YOU!  SuperJoy Loves Her SuperFriends Day was a day I created to thank you for being a part of my site.  I appreciate you and thank you for coming by and sharing this love of crafting with me. 🙂 

See more Best Craft Organizer products at their site.

Here’s a video I made showing how to use the Spool & Store!

This month I’m giving away TWO Spool & Store ribbon containers! Just leave a comment telling me one of the ways that you store things in your crafty space. I’ll pick two winners and announce them on this post on Wednesday, September 21. 🙂


grambojoan says:
September 15, 2011 at 3:14 PM

i have all my ribbon stored in a box with little paper clips holding the ends to keep them from unwinding. so i really need the ribbon storage system thanks for the chance to win

Rebecca Wagner says:
September 19, 2011 at 8:16 AM

Great card! The bunny is a little frightening though. LOL I would love to win the organizer for ribbon as I have outgrown my little spool hanger with all the beautiful ribbon out there. Thanks for a chance to win.

I hope your day is GREAT!

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  1. crystalsnap says:

    I love the springoween card….. The rabbit peeking around is saying ….”Hey buddy, over here.”
    I store my embellishments in metal favor tins with the clear lids……I put a magnet on the bottom and they hang on a metal sign in my studio. I can see them without having to search thru boxes and boxes.
    Great giveaway!!!

  2. O-M-G! If that isn’t the cutest thing ever! The sentiment is SO perfect! I like how you made the little the tags for the sentiment and this reminds me I keep forgetting to pick up those MS fringe scissors.
    I store my clear stamps that come in cello bags (just like Joy’s Life stamps!!!) on a LARGE metal ring. It makes it easy to flip through each set to find what I need.
    Like this one:

  3. L love your card . Just love your knock knock jokes. Thanks for a chance to win

  4. Your card is super cute! I love that bunny!!!! And as for that storage – I could SO use that! I like to keep things sorted by color in my studio! It looks so pretty that way and is easy to find things that coordinate with my work!

  5. I store my clear stamps, my bling embellishments, my sticker letters and some of my ribbons in the zippered plastic bags in which linens are packaged. I especially like the size of the pillow case ones. They are clear, easy to store and when I go to crops, I can just pop it in my tote. Thanks for the chance to win.

    PS Really like the new look of your blog! 🙂

  6. I think I am in big need of the spool storage because I store my spools of ribbon on skewer sticks. This doesn’t work well, I have to keep winding the ribbon back on the spools.
    It is so much fun to look at your cards and stuff… get such good ideas from you. I think the Tree-T card is adorable!

  7. Love the spring o ween card :). My favorite thing in my craft room for storing is my tiny acrylic square containers I got at the container store while staying in NYC. I have my buttons color coordinated in each one. Love that they are clear so I can see what is in each one of them. they are about 1 inch by 2 so they barely take up any room and the best part they were 35 cents a piece. Micheals sells some now but they are a bit larger.

  8. Love your new website Joy! I store my colored card stock in 8 1/2 x 11 paper trays stacked. Each color “group” get’s it’s own tray, that way I can see all the colors that I have at a glance!

  9. mom2gabman says:

    Hi superJoy! I love this card. it’s beautiful. The sentiment is PERFECT!!!

    have a great day!

  10. indialee12 says:

    Love the bunny in the trees. Right now my ribbons are stored in gallon zip-loc bags. I tried to separate them by season/color family, but I’m thinking my OCD teen would be the best one to organize them if I won the ribbon storage – that might hold part of my ribbons anyway!

  11. Love your card. I (unfortunately) have my supplies organized in several different kinds of plastic storage containers. None that match of course. It is time to find one brand of organization that can take care of everything. Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. Love the cuteness of the card 🙂 I have my crafty items stored in many different ways. My best storage device is peg board for many items. Also I have labeled all my cricut cartridges and have them in order in a plastic bin I found at walmart. the books are in photo boxes with the key pad covers.

  13. Love the cute bunny card! I store all my paper in a storage bin(from Walmart) that has slots that hold 12 x 12 paper. I also have a smaller one that I store my ribbons, glue, markers, and misc. acessories. It isn’t the most organized area but it does work for me! Thanks for the chance to win!
    Helena 🙂

  14. I store my buttons in small glass mason jars. That way I can always get more of them the same shape if I need more. Plus my friend made me this awesome lazy susan. It holds little buckets all around the edge and a small crate in the center, which holds all my go to tools. I love it.

  15. zionsnonna says:

    I really enjoy your web site. I store my card stock in magazine holders. My ribbon sadly is all jumbled up in a drawer and is in need of organization.
    P.S. My granddaughter really likes Zippy

  16. I use baskets and plastic containers to store my crafty stuff. and I also zip lock bags to store ribbons and other stuff

  17. clairbear3 says:

    I love your “Springoween birthday card” Super cute! I store my supplies mostly in plastic drawers and plastic containers…..love it!

  18. Just love your cute little card Joy… the sentiment is perfect!! I use a lot of plastic containers to store my craft stuff. I could really use a Craft Room makeover! 🙂

  19. thornburygaye says:

    Love the card, it is so cute. I have stuff stored everywhere in my craft room. . Some are in bins and some are in boxes that used to belong to my great-grandmother. The boxes are old bout still in good shape and are keepsakes in themselves. Thanks for the chance to win

  20. My biggest thing, I did in organizing my crafts room was to unmounted my SU rubber stamps and storing them in CD cases. I have my quilting fat quarters sorted by color and stores in plastic shoe boxes. I still need to organize my papers. I would love to sort these by color but am overwhelmed by it all at this time.

    Katsews at gmail dotcom

  21. scrappingrandma says:

    love seeing the way your room is coming together. I store my cardstock in pink plastic crates from Wal Mart with hanging files. It is easy to find the color I need. Also I store all my cuddlebug folders in the notebook from CM that was used for stickers. the pockets are just the right size and I can easily see what I have. Thanks for the chance to win the ribbon organnizer..

  22. what a supper cute card. I would love to have some Cropper hopper paper holders in the sm. size i use lots of those for my papers they work great. I love this giveaway and would love to win this new product. thanks for the chance to win. Iam a new follower and subscriber.
    [email protected]

  23. I love the card the little bunny is so cute. thanks for this chance to win a ribbon organizer. I have a peg board on my wall that i hang a lot of items so i can see them. this is also where i have my ribbon hanging using dowels, but the problem with this is the ribbon constantly unrolls so i have to have it taped or a pin or something else in it to stop this, but then when i want to use it i have to undo
    upnurse at aol dot com

  24. CathyinMN says:

    Your card is so cute! Thanks for the chance to win a ribbon organizer; I could really use one. Right now I just throw my ribbon in a drawer and it’s a mess! Last week at a garage sale I picked up a videocassette holder (I think) that has 5 rows (shelves?) and will fit 14 Cricut carts per row. I got it for $3 and now have all of my carts (about 40 – 50) in alphabetical order on it. It’s great and I still have room to expand.

  25. VinDeeLoo says:

    Very cute card. I store a lot of my crafty items in Plastic Carts. They roll to where I am working and really worked great when I took stuff camping.

    vndlewis at rocketmail dot com

  26. Janet Licari says:

    Your card is great and I love reading your photos 😀 Too funny! Right now I store my ribbon that is not on spools rolled up and in a zip sandwich bag. Working on getting new plastic storage. Have my stamps standing up in a fabric file block from the dollar store.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  27. I store my acrylic stamps in zipped pockets that fit in a binder. All at my fingertips.

    Love your card and thank you for the opportunity to win ribbon organizer.

  28. Jeannette Butler says:

    My ribbon is in shoe boxes inside a larger plastic 3-drawer “dresser” on casters. I bought the paper tower from Hobby Lobby for my paper. A Pampered Chef Tool-Turnabout holds scissors, glue pens, brushes, etc. My stamps are in a medium sized 3-drawer container. I also have cupboards (Target) for my Cricut cartridges and other odds and ends sitting on top of a 6′ table. My CE is also on that same table. Most of the storage is just over a year old as we had water backup in our basement and had to basically start from scratch on a LOT of things!! (beds, bookcases, books…)

    I appreciate your showing us your ideas and giving us so many tips! The giveaways are awesome, too!! Thanks for sharing those, too!

  29. This is totally adorable Joy! I really like using my Imagine so it’s nice to see other ideas to help me with creating with it!
    One of my storage solutions is getting my hubby to build me storage racks! He’s made 2 of them for me already…
    Oh and he built me a Punch storage holder…. it rotates 360 degrees and stands on the floor… I guess you could say I have a SUPER Hubby too! 😉


  30. scrapbooknut67114 says:

    Love, love, love your card! That is soooooooooo cute! Thanks for the inspiration. I store my cuttlebug folders in a plastic canvas box that my 91-year old mother made for them. The box has no lid so that I can flip thru the folders to see which one I need. Thanks for the giveaway.

  31. luv2teach2 says:

    Your card is so cute! Love the sentiment! I have been storing my ribbon on dowels and trying to keep it from unraveling by using a stick pin at the end. My two kitties have figured out how to unpin the ribbon spools and drag all of the ribbon around the house. I think these spool holders are a super idea. Speaking of super, your craft room is similar to mine. It is also my 7 year old son’s art room so we have super hero vintage metal pictures hanging on the wall for inspiration (he wants to be a comic book artist). My room is also the same color as yours.
    Thanks for the fun giveaway, Jenni

  32. Very cute! One of my favorite storage items was lifted from someone else online: Joann’s Organizing Essentials Pattern Organizer. It is the perfect size to sort and store Cuttlebug folders. Makes it very easy to flip through them and has a small footprint. Thanks for the chance to win such a great item!

  33. nativetexangirl says:

    I store all my Cuttlebug folders on their side in a plastic shoe bin on my 6′ long table. My sister made me some little tiny file folders which are embossed by the folder inside and the name is on the tab at the top. She found the directions on the OkieLadyBug blog. http://www.okieladybug.com/2009/03/cuttlebug-a2-folder-storage.html
    I’m not sure if I can post the link so delete it if I should not share it. Thanks for the chance to win the ribbon holder. I love it!

  34. oh this is so cute…..
    he sorta looks like happy Bunny…I love Happy Bunny…
    A way I store my Stickles is…..my wonderful son made me a BEAUTIFUL rack to hang
    above my work station….and it stores ribbon and on the bottom shelf it holds my stickle bottles upside down…
    so my stickles are always ready to go……
    thank so much for the chance to win….

  35. My ribbon is all over the place. It’s stored in cardboard boxes, rubbermade storage boxes, the plastic bag I carried it home from the store in. I’m not real organized how can I expect my ribbon to be. My cricut and cuttlebug and assecories are stored in my new totes from 31 company though.

  36. Fun project.

    I ordered a ton of eyelets, but never had a clue where each one was when I wanted one. So, one day I was throwing away this see-through plastic egg tray for 2 dozen eggs,and knew it was perfect for my eyelets. I now have 2 of them full or sorted eyelets. They are so easy to find now. I sorted them by shape and color.
    My other thing I use for storage is old floppy disk storage boxes. I find them at garage sales for a quarter all the time. I like to keep my cards in there after I make them. Works out great for that.

    Smiles Sher
    [email protected]

  37. bunnyfreak says:

    Love that card. I store my mister bottle and gellatos in a box that the energy/vitamin drink powder comes in. Perfect sized holes in the box. I made a distress ink holder out of plastic canvas.

  38. winnielosie says:

    Hi Joy its been a long time since i have signed in here but not to visit i come daily and look around. This is just my first posting in a while.
    Thanks for the chance at winning. For my ribbons i have a big wooden pole ( about 1 1/2 “) going from oneside of my craft room to the other I have these circular canvas bag about 4′ with a hanger on it and on the out side is for shoes and there is 4 shelfs in each of them (I have two of these) at one end of the pole i have my ribbons looped over and clipped with baby clothes line pins. I also have my cinch hanging from this same pole and my tri pod. This pole is good for everything My hubby fixed me a wooden brace that has a circular hole cut out at the top so that i can slide he brace where I need it most. Vicky 🙂

  39. I loved seeing your crafting room! I use about the same type things for storage, except most of mine are portable. My crafting spot in my house is my dining room, which is open to the rest of the house. . . . So, when company is coming, I have to pack up my stuff and put it in my closet. For my ribbon, I use an old 3 bar pants hanger. I got this idea off the internet from some smart person. However, I would love to have the ribbon storage unit you are giving away, because it is so small and portable! . . . My most recent portable storage for my scrapbooking supplies is a 10 draw rolling cart. I found it at Sam’s Club. Thanks for a chance to win the giveaway and for all your inspiration!!!

  40. pcrusberg says:

    Super cute bunny! I always seem to have storage issues with my crafts. I just can’t seem to get a handle on them. I finally wrapped each piece of ribbon, paper-clipped it and put the colors into separate zip loc bags. It seems to be working so far, but I’d love to give that ribbon organizer a try. Thanks for the super giveaway.

  41. grambojoan says:

    i have all my ribbon stored in a box with little paper clips holding the ends to keep them from unwinding. so i really need the ribbon storage system thanks for the chance to win

  42. As always your projects are awesome….Love the card, the ribbon box and just about everything you post….
    I also just love your new blog page layout…super cute!!


    p.s. what name did you chose for your dancing lady in your craft room???

  43. Joydee1963 says:

    Joy,I love your card! Very pretty.Great craftroom!! I love those white cubes from mike’s!I got about 12! I just got some more this week! 50% off.Joy

  44. Springoween works for me…. Love your card! Too cute. Thanks for the chance to win. My ribbon is kind of all over the place – this would be perfect as what I have is not working real well. Great craftroom.

  45. beadgal29 says:

    I love the little bunny on your card….. adorable! It looks like one of those “Angry Bunny” cartoon things. (I’m currently very impressed with myself for remembering that lol!!!) I have several unsophisticated storage solutions that involve me shoving things in baskets on my bookshelves and under my desk. But I did come up with some pretty good organizational solutions for my Stickles (thanks Ever so much for starting THAT obsession, Superjoy.): I use Artbins found at Joann’s in various sizes to store them all. They are all completely color coded according to the ROY G BIV color scale (yes, I am that OCD at times.) I also bought a tool box thing that I think is actually supposed to hold nails and screws and other man-type stuff for all of my tear drop ink pads. It, too, is completely ROY G BIV color coded, and I found it at Menard’s. My ribbon is completely disorganized… I have one wall-hanging ribbon organizer thing that has been very handy, but I need probably 3 more to hold all of my ribbon! (Not to mention more wall space!!!) We are remodeling the upper floor of our house, and the plan is for me to have a craft room of my very own…. so I’m super jealous of your room, Superjoy, but also dreaming of the day when I have my own!!!

  46. Umm I have to agree it isn’t very Autumn/Halloweeny is it lol. Great card mind, lovely cuts used and the colours are really nice.
    My hubby has just helped me make a great upside down storage for my stickles and like, they have magnet stuck to the bottom of them and then mu hubby added a strip of magnet along the underside of a cabinet which is above my desk so now all the little bottles dangle upside down ready for me to grab and I don’t have to spend ages shaking them when the contents gets low.
    Kim xXx

  47. What a cute card!! Thanks so much, Joy, for the chance at your giveaway! I have so many “repurposed” storage items in my craftroom. I guess my two favs are the “landscape” file cabinet (where files are stored laterally) and my coated wire lid holder. The cabinet has been awesome for storage and when the front drops down to get to items, I also have extra work space. Love it!! The lid holder has been a great item for storing my trimmers, score boards, glass mats, etc. They are right at hand and protected from each other!! Again, many thanks for all you do and blessings to you!

  48. Janette S. says:

    Cute card and love your sense of humor! I use plain ol’ clear plastic shoe boxes to store my cuttlebug folders in – just the right size! Thanks for the giveaway, my ribbons are just thrown in a drawer!

    janetteschulte at comcast dot net

  49. Thanks all for the above posts. I really need help as i try to find the best way to store all my craftiness. My solution to scraps (because we can’t throw out any size paper) is by color in a 10- drawer cart. works really well. Thanks Joy!

  50. america57 says:

    I love the little bunny peeking out from behind the trees! So cute! Every Friday on my blog I have a “Welcome” to my scrapbook room where I show a storage idea that I am using in my scrapbook room, I love coming here and stealing…err..getting ideas form you Joy!


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