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  1. Melissa Perry says:

    OOOO!!! I have never tried these and would sooo love to win…thanks so much Ms. Joy….You Rock
    [email protected]

  2. Great video! I have the 12×12 Cricut Expression but haven’t tried the markers yet b/c I didn’t know how! 🙂 Now, i do! Thanks! (P.S. Your nails looks great!)

  3. wow this is just something else we can do with our cricut
    thanks so much

  4. That is really KOOL!! TFS!!

  5. Looks like I might need to get these too..

  6. bartlettpair4 says:

    Hallelujah!! You are such a blessing!!! Thanks so very much for thinking outside of the box for all of us!!! I LOVE my Cricut and have used for many things—never scrapbooking, though. Go figure! Anyhow—Thank you so much and be blessed in all you do!!

  7. Joy, have you tried not unloading the mat between drawing the image and cutting it. After it is done drawing hit the load paper button again and it will bring you back to the start. then you can replace your marker with your blade. Don’t forget to put some scratch paper under the marker while removing it so you don’t damage your project.

  8. Hi Joy,
    Have you noticed any leaking with the Quick Kutz pens? I have one so far that kind of pools before it starts drawing. Maybe just a defect one.

    1. Hi Heidi,
      I have noticed that they tend to want to drip. It’s irritating! All of mine aren’t like that, but it seems they can’t all take a lot of pressure and movement without wanting to pool. 😐

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