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Pilgram Hat “Thankful” book – Thanksgiving Cricut Cartridge

cricut pilgram hat notebook

My Little Pilgram Hat “Thankful for” book.

I made this little hat book for Thanksgiving day.  DH and I host Thanksgiving every year and I thought that everyone could write what they are thankful for in this.  Then next year we can take a look at it and maybe see if anything has changed.  I know one year one of my sons was thankful for family and Pokemon.  I have a young nephew who is just learning to write.  It will be nice to see how his writing changes over the years.  I know the adults won’t change their list much, but it will be nice to have everyone’s handwritten thoughts in one place, especially in this digital age.

The Cinch ROCKS!

As you can see by my never-meant-to-be-shown-to-others hat note, I used 8 sheets of 8 1/2×11 white cardstock and was able to cut 4 – 3″ hats out of each sheet of paper.  I set the paper size on my Cricut by lining my cardstock up at bottom left hand corner of the mat and then I set my blade at the top right hand corner of the cardstock.  Next, I pressed “set cut area” on the overlay.  After that, I pressed the “autofill” button and it told me that it would cut 4 hats out of the paper using the 3″ size I’d chosen.

I love using chipboard…though I love recycling cereal boxes even more.

I used the regular blade to cut out the white cardstock hats and the deep cut blade to cut this thick chipboard.  I actually thought this chipboard might be too thick to cut, but it wasn’t!  I set the multi-cut to 4 and turned everything all the way up, including the blade depth to 6.

These are the papers I used.  I love that foil cardstock by Amercian Crafts.  It’s great!

They changed “set paper size” to “set cut area”.  Weird.

Do you know how these seasonal carts work?  You build the multi layered items by column.  For example, do you see the hat I made?  It’s in the 3rd row, 2nd button.  If you wanted to add the layered features for the hat, you would just press the button below the hat.  Those are its pieces.  This works the same way with several other images.  Just take a look below the item you’re interested in and you might find a layer for it.

Here are all the pieces.  Ready for assembly!

Two chipboard hats + hat shaped paper.  All ready to become a little book!

I love that the Cinch has these places to hook the wires so you can easily assemble your projects.

I put the back cover on right side in so that when I flipped it over it would have the right side out.  Does that make sense?  I hope so.

I love these red wires!  These are for the Bind It All, but they work in the Cinch too. Wire cutters are a necessity when using the Cinch or the Bind It All.  I like those Color Box chalks and I used that one to ink the edges of the hats.  Those freaky little sticks are for sanding.  I sanded the edges of the chipboard hat.

That’s it!  It’s bound and ready to take its place at Thanksgiving dinner.


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Can you believe tomorrow is Friday?  See you then!

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  1. Thanl you for explaining how the cartridge works! Silly me i did not get it! I really do like the project and how it turned out! Simple and relatively easy to make but very classy! Thanks.

  2. that hat is so stinking cute, my friend has a Cinch and loves it, I have a Bind it All, am trying to justify buying a Cinch, lol.

  3. Never cared for that Thanksgiving cart but you did a great job with it! And I’ll have to research this Cinch machine 🙂

    spunkycrayon at yahoo dot com

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