Cricut Expression 2 Return Button

I was making a project using the Cricut Flower Shoppe Cartridge when I realized that I only had a certain amount of paper to work with.  What do you do in that case?  Well, you could cut out one item at a time, but I needed 9 flowers.  Let me show you what I did.

It’s all about the return key.

If you want an item to be cut out on the line below use the return key.  It’s the 3rd circle from the left at the bottom of the screen.  (It looks like an arm in a cast with a water fountain paper cup shoved onto its fist.  Also known as, the crooked arrow pointing left.)

Even though you can’t see all of my flowers at the top of the screen, it fully reads as: flower flower flower RETURN/paper cup cast arm, flower flower flower RETURN/paper cup cast arm, flower flower flower.  That equation created 3 flowers on 3 lines and fit right onto the amount of paper that I had.  SWEET!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. kaperture says:

    That would be an awesomely super helpful tip if I was fortunate enough to have an E2 (sad face), but I did just recently get my Gypsy! If it wasn’t for being able to look back through your videos, I’d have never figured out how to weld all these music notes together for the altered composition notebook I just did for my daughter’s music teacher (altered notebook gifts also inspired by you). Thanks so much!


    1. Hey Kayla,
      I’m so glad my videos helped you! 🙂 I love my Gypsy!!
      I bet your notebook looked great!

  2. Joydee1963 says:

    Joy,Got to use this cart! Got it a month ago.Joy

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