Detroit Lions Mask – Football Friday

The Joy’s Life Facebook Friends have spoken and they chose…the Detroit Lions for this weeks Football Friday YOU CHOOSE team.  Would you like to choose next weeks team?  There’s a voting post on the Joy’s Life Facebook Fan page and YOU can choose from the listed teams for next weeks winner.  The choices come from the teams that everyone submitted previously. Woo hoo!

CE2, Gypsy and the French Manor Cricut Cartridge

In the spirit of Halloween and Football Friday, I’ve decided to make a Detroit Lions mask.  I hope you fans like it.  I was thinking you could create them and wear them at the game or in front of the TV.  They’re even fun to make for the kiddos to play with.  See the bottom post to see my kids having some fun with them.

With a few twists, a mask was born!

You just never know how a cartridge might serve your crafty needs until you take a good look at it.  If you don’t own this cartridge, you can still look at the contents of it on your Gypsy or by clicking HERE.  It was a special cartridge released for Cricut Circle members, but you can probably find it on eBay.  If you join the Cricut Circle you can usually find it list on the Cricut Rewards site for purchase with enough points.

To turn this image into a useable mask, I used the “hide” function on my Gypsy to hide a few cut outs that were there.  I also welded two circles on either side of the lion head for the ribbon to go through.

I cut the mask pieces at 8 3/4″.  At the time I set that size, I had both images on the same page and sized them when both were highlighted at the same time.  This kept the ratio the same, even though this piece is smaller.

Here’s the center part all cut out.

Mask Pieces

These look like comedy and tragedy of the animal world.

I used a Viva Decor Sapphire Glitter Liner to outline the mask.  Next I used a Viva Decor Ice White Pearl Pen to add a few well placed “pearls”.  Frankly, my outlining job needed the pearls to distract you from my outlining shortcomings.  LOL!

My daughter is a good sport for wearing this mask!

 I wish the mask was up a little higher, but you get the idea.

Son #1 is too funny! (Son #2 not pictured.)

Detroit Lions fans, I hope you like the lion mask!

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  1. kaperture says:

    You are so smart with your Gypsy! This is cool. My kids both have participated in productions in Puppet Theatre & Reader’s Theatre, and they will absolutely love making masks and putting on their own little plays. TFS!

  2. This turned out pretty cool Joy! Not a Lions fan but love what you made and what masks you can do… Your kids were so nice to put the mask on! TFS!


  3. Kathleen P says:

    Thanks Joy! We Detroiters love our feline team mascots. I love this idea for a Detroit Tigers mask too.

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