Football Brownies – Football Friday

Who cares about football? There’s CHOCOLATE!

For this Football Friday, I’m trying my hand at making football brownies.  I followed the directions on my chosen box of brownies (I heart Duncan Hines brownie and cake mixes) and covered them with a store purchased frosting.  Hey, it was fast and easy and that’s what you need if you’re making a bunch of things for a Football party, right?  I got this idea from the Betty Crocker website and thank them for the awesome idea!  Here’s a link to their recipe. In case they remove the recipe, here’s a pdf of it.

Overkill. That’s the word you’re looking for.

Joy’s kitchen theory goes, “If a little is good, then more is better.”  It’s rarely true and this is no exception.

I was supposed to line the dish with foil or parchment paper (I read that parchment was the way to go) and then spray it so the brownies don’t stick.  I look at that puddle and wonder how much time passed as I sprayed.  This is why you should not watch tv while you prepare things.  It also explains my overkill when it comes to the microwave.  Don’t ask. (In short, I nuke things … almost literally.)

I do admire this pull out rack. Perfect for non-super-tall people like myself.

Remember when our ovens burned up?  Check out this card I made commemorating that drama.  Well, we had that fixed but recently the control panel went bad and the ovens would go on and off repeatedly throughout the day, as well as during cooking.  Considering the absolute fire hazard they were, we finally bought new ovens.

The new ovens are smarter than I am.  You know what else?  They make great brownies from a box.  Food Network is that you on the phone?

Football Brownies…don’t run them in for a touchdown.

I think those cookie cutters did a GREAT job.  The skills of the icing decorator need much improvement. 😉  Some of the laces look like Kanji letters, others Christmas trees.  I also should have used something easier to work with than that cookie icing.  Live and learn.  I shall go on to bake another day.

I read on the Betty Crocker site that you could make a football template for your brownies and just cut around it to form the little footballs.  For a perfect football shape, you could cut your template out using a Cricut or Silhouette.

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I did what fit my “need it quick and easy” requirements.  That means I bought football shaped cutters from Amazon and had them overnighted because I was running late making these promised brownies.  LOL!  Here’s a link to Football Cookie Cutter sets.

Yum, I should start making all of my posts edible. Ahhh, donut Football Friday here I come. 😉

Don’t forget the food in your football celebrations!  Sometimes that’s the best part, even if it doesn’t turn out exactly like it looks in the picture. 😉

Have an Mmmmsome (sorry talking with my mouth full of brownie…)AWESOME WEEKEND!

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  1. Sorry I haven't been around much Joy! Been super busy with a business venture! Had to stop by and check out your Friday Football! ;) I LOVE brownies and yours look yummy! I'm not so good with the frosting myself but yours look great! Perfect Football snack! :)
  2. Joy, I am loving thise brownies. The cookie cutter did a great job and you did a mighty fine job yourself with the icing. ROLL TIDE!!! Charlotte
  3. Glad to see you still kicking. I was afraid you would still at the hospital after that lost to LSU. lol i told my aunt the same joke she too is a huge fan of alabama
  4. Everything about this is awesome except the Crimson Tide logo the brownies surround! (hehe) I think your football laces are super artsy. TFS your wit and wisdom! Kayla

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