Easy Delicious Party Food – Slow Cooker Cranberry Chipotle Meatballs

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Cranberry Chipotle Meatballs Delicious Party Food #SeasonedGreetings #chipotle #Christmas #recipes #ad

When you say delicious party food, I say cranberry chipotle meatballs.  You: Delicious Party Food!  Me: Cranberry Chipotle Meatballs!!!  Let’s repeat this 3-5 times and then start clapping…or we could just “cheers” our forks and eat this.  Let’s do that.  Just don’t ask me for my bottle of Tabasco Chipotle Sauce because you’ll need that fork to defend yourself.  I’m just sayin’.  It’s my new prized possession and I’m low on it and need to go to the store so…

Cranberry Chipotle Meatballs Delicious Party Food #SeasonedGreetings #chipotle #Christmas #recipes #ad

Tabasco pepper sauce comes in several varieties but my new BFF is the Chipotle flavor.  I call it, “Hello, I love you” sauce which I also sing directly to the bottle in true Doors fashion. Hey, Tabasco has a new flavor out now too. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m putting it on my list. It’s Tabasco brand Sriracha Thai Chili Sauce. Yum…I love Sriracha so I’m betting that’s another hit with me.

Cranberry Chipotle Meatballs Delicious Party Food #SeasonedGreetings #chipotle #Christmas #recipes #ad

This is a showdown.  Who will win?  Me with my potato chip or my husband and this recipe?  Thankfully there was enough to go around because I honestly couldn’t get enough of it.  I’d never had the Tabasco Chipotle sauce before so I tested it on a chip to see if it was good.  By the time we’d gotten around to making this recipe, we were below the neck of the bottle.  That’s how much we’d all eaten of it.  It is DELICIOUS.  I will be buying this again and again and again.  It’s got a wonderful smoky flavor and isn’t too hot either.  I’m in LOVE with it!  No, that’s not too strong a declaration for a sauce.  Not at all.  If I wasn’t already married, I’d marry this sauce.  Again, reasonable declaration.

Cranberry Chipotle Meatballs Delicious Party Food #SeasonedGreetings #chipotle #Christmas #recipes #ad

Slow Cooker Cranberry Chipotle Meatballs

slow cooker
Easy and delicious 4 ingredient slow cooker cranberry chipotle meatballs.
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  • 12 oz Bottle Chili Sauce
  • 1 can Jellied Cranberry Sauce
  • 1/2 cup Tabasco Chipotle Sauce
  • 1 lb Frozen Meatballs


  • Mix all sauces.
  • Add meatballs to slow cooker/crock pot.
  • Pour sauce mixture over meatballs.
  • Cook on high for 3 hours or until meatballs are cooked through.
Course Appetizer
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Cranberry Chipotle Meatballs Delicious Party Food #SeasonedGreetings #chipotle #Christmas #recipes #ad

The best thing about the sauce is that it isn’t too hot to eat by itself and it really enhances other foods too.  It’s a versatile sauce that is wonderful in this meatball recipe.  This is 4 ingredients!  That makes it PERFECT for a holiday get together, football party or any time you want something easy that everyone will love.  This might become that dish that everyone asks you to bring over.  My husband quickly made this and we all enjoyed it throughout the afternoon.  Keeping it in the slow cooker kept it available whenever someone was hungry, which makes it perfect football party food too.  YAY to that!  We enjoyed some of it while watching our favorite team.  They lost but at least this dish was a win!

Cranberry Chipotle Meatballs Delicious Party Food #SeasonedGreetings #chipotle #Christmas #recipes #ad

You can find Tabasco products at your local grocery.  I picked mine up at Kroger.  It was easy to find…so easy…I know just where to grab my next bottle.  I’m coming to get you Tabasco Chipotle sauce!  LOL!  No…seriously.  Get in my cart.

Cranberry Chipotle Meatballs Delicious Party Food #SeasonedGreetings #chipotle #Christmas #recipes #ad

Yum…yum…yum…yum…yum…  4 ingredients.  You know you want to make it.  Easy.  Party.  Food.

You come tell me how much you love that Tabasco Chipotle sauce and these meatballs.  I wanna hear about it! 😉

Happy 4 Ingredient Slow Cookin’!

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  1. This sounds sooo good Mizz Joy! You have done it again with what to do with those left over cans of jellied cranberry sauce from Thanxday. Last year you posted the recipe for a delicious cranberry cocktail sauce to go with SeaPak spring rolls. Well my dear, I have been making that recipe ever since! Pairing the jellied cranberry with Tabasco Chipotle sauce sounds like a capital idea to me. No doubt it will be hit with guests. I will give you all the credit too!! Thanks a mil! 🙂

    1. Kathleen,
      I’m thrilled that you like that recipe for cranberry cocktail sauce from last year! Thank you so much for letting me know! 🙂 I think you’re going to want to devour this one. It was a super big hit here. Let me know what everyone thinks. I think you’re going to love how fast and easy it is too! 🙂
      Happy holidays!

      1. Couldn’t wait to make for guests, so I made the Cranberry Chipotle Meatballs just for hubby and I. They are soo good! The Chipotle Tabasco gives it just enough heat and tang and I’m in love with using those crazy cans of jellied cranberry sauce in appetizer recipes. The cook time of 3 hours on high made the sauce nice and thick and the meatballs tender. Hubby wanted to change to medium heat and I said, no and glad I did. 🙂

        Everyone will love this recipe!! 🙂 Thanks Joy & Merry Christmas to you and all your blog friends!

  2. These look delicious! I love anything with cranberry, but adding Tabasco Chipotle is genius! Let me know when you make them again, I’d love to invite myself over! #client

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