Extreme Weather Car Emergency Kit

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Extreme Weather Emergency car kit

Are you getting ready for extreme weather in your part of the world or are you already experiencing it? In Georgia, we deal with hurricanes, tornadoes, severe storms, wildfires and floods. Don’t even mention winter weather here because it can bring Georgia to a screeching halt! I stay prepared because my daughter is a meteorologist and she reminds me to plan ahead, when I otherwise might not. She gave me some great ideas for creating an Extreme Weather Car Emergency Kit, perfect for unexpected weather, and I’m sharing them below!

When Weather Went Crazy

Rocky Mountains

But first, let me tell you about this trip we took to Colorado a few years ago so she could study their weather in person, because that weather went crazy.

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It went like this. It was so beautiful when our plane landed. We even drove a few hours north so we could take a tour. It was no problem. We barely even needed a light jacket. Then we headed toward our hotel in Colorado Springs and the weather went nuts! Some light rain started, no big deal. The next thing I know we’re in slush, snow and ice. It happened so fast! We were snowed in at our hotel the next morning. That same day they had floods and a tornado! My daughter was fascinated and learned so much about rapidly changing weather conditions.

I was reminded then that she would always be headed toward extreme weather. It’s been her passion since she was four years old. That’s when an F5 tornado went through Birmingham, Alabama, where we lived at the time. It was also the night we brought our newborn son home from the hospital. We were all very lucky that night, and our daughter was forever changed. Her passion for weather and meteorology never swayed. She graduated with a meteorology degree last spring!

meteorology graduation usa 2017

Because of her line of work and her love of travel, I encouraged her to go to Sam’s Club and put some Goodyear® Assurance® WeatherReady™ on her car last week.  She’s so glad she did! After driving around on them, she said that they seem like they could get through pretty much anything.

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady tires

We’ve been buying Goodyear tires for years, and these are not Goodyear’s first all-weather tire, but they are currently their best. They have 3D TredLock® Technology Blades, which provide predictable traction in turns when the weather changes and Evolving Traction Grooves provide like-new traction as the tire wears. These tires can tackle all extreme weather conditions, which is what you want because you just don’t know what kind of weather you’ll run into as the year goes on or as you travel.

 Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady Tires at Sam's Club

I feel like these tires were such a bargain because they’re performing so well and right now you can GET $80 OFF INSTANTLY* ON A SET OF FOUR GOODYEAR® TIRES. We thought it was a great value!

This tire only fits certain vehicles, but you can find your tire size on the sidewall of your tires, a sticker on the driver-side door jamb of your vehicle, in your owner’s manual or by using the Sam’s Club Tire Selector Tool: https://www.samsclub.com/sams/tire-search/1056.cp.

*Save $80 off the displayed retail price. Excludes medium commercial truck tires. Not to be combined with any other offer. Offer can be changed, modified or cancelled at any time. No rain checks. See a Sam’s Club® Tire & Battery Center Associate for eligible tires, details, terms and conditions.

Extreme Weather Emergency car kit

Extreme Weather Car Emergency Kit

It’s so important to be prepared for extreme weather ahead of time! Here are some of the things you should put in a container and keep in your car:

Batteries for flashlight
Orange reflective cone
Windshield scraper for ice
First aid kit
Water Bottles
Snacks (non perishables)
Warm gloves
Jumper Cables
Spare Tire
Hand/Foot Warmers
Shovel & Axe

Stay aware of changing weather conditions throughout the year and keep your Extreme Weather Car Emergency Kit up to date for the season!

Extreme Weather Emergency car kit

Here’s a Tip!

popup safety cone

TIP: Consider buying some collapsible reflective safety cones. I just bought these and love that they stay out of the way unless and until you need them.

What would you add to the Extreme Weather Car Emergency Kit?

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  1. I am COMPLETELY Fascinated by your daughter and her career path! I love this!

  2. I have packed extra socks in the past. I grew up in the mid-west. Now I live in Southern California.

  3. Pieces of bright/ reflective fabric to attach to car. Stay dry matches and something to start a small fire (outside of the car) and a can to melt snow for water in cold weather areas

  4. Winter kit …. the water bottles will be frozen sold. Much better off with a small camp stove & vessel for melting snow.

  5. Instead of a poncho or in addition a rain suit. won’t flap around as much. in snowy areas kitty litter or sand. weighs the car down or gives traction

    1. David Hoyt says:

      Concur, but asphalt roofing shingles take less room and are really great for getting needed traction.

  6. Candle. Puts off light heat and possibly would melt snow to drink.

    Newspaper makes good insulation to set or lay on.

    I have a thing that goes up in the front windshield that says “call police”

    Full tank of gas and if possible a small shovel to keep the snow away from exhaust

  7. Marry Morrall says:

    QUIP ALL Portable Charge-All Jump Starter. Warm hat and earmuffs.

  8. A cheap plastic shower curtain for the ground in case you need to sit or kneel. You can get one from the dollar store.

  9. I could so use some new tires. The air light on my car keeps coming on and scaring me!

    1. Oh no! I hope you can get new ones soon! 🙂

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