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How to Turn A Cricut Expression into a Cricut Cake Video

How to Turn a Cricut Expression into a Cricut Cake – Part 1

Yep.  I did it!
I turned my old Cricut Expression into a Cricut Cake…or a Cricut “Fake” as I call it. 😀

How to Turn a Cricut Expression into a Cricut Cake Part 2

I hope you enjoyed this Expression to Cake Transformation!

Don’t miss How to Cut Gum Paste in a Cricut Expression Parts ONE & TWO

How are they different? Comparing the Cricut Expression to the Cricut Cake.

Check out my Cricut Pinterest board here.

Have a Crafty Day!

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  1. Oh! keep me in suspense! I was all ready to see you cut something! lol. I will be waiting on the next video 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to see if it will now cut gum paste!!!!

  3. I am waiting to see if it cuts for you if it works that would be great can not wait to see keep us posted


  4. I just bought the Cricut Cake but wanted to maxamize the machine and was going to experiment and use it both for cake and paper like an E-since this is my 1st actual machine. Are you going to post Part 3 ? -I’m very anxious to know if it works.

    1. Part 3 will be here by Monday, I promise! 😉

  5. ConnieScraps says:

    Can’t wait to see #3! I have an extra CE that I am sooo going to convert!

  6. jodycmoore says:

    I loved your video of this “fake” cake experiment…it also cracked me up when things didnt work out and your reactions to it.. sounded like me!
    This is very informative and I cant wait to see how it works, hurry and show the rest please.

    1. Thanks Jody! I was working on the next “fake” cake video today and started to turn off the camera to do some of the prep work, then I thought…don’t do that…that might be your best stuff! LOL! I’ll have that next video out soon. Thanks for watching!

  7. Enjoyed watching thinking of turning my old cricut into a cake machine. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks, Peggy, Liz and Flowerskissing! Good idea about shelf/drawer liner too!

  8. Joy, you are brave. Thanks for sharing this entire episode and demo. it was quite entertaining and useful knowledge.

  9. Joy We Cant wait till Monday LoL,This was amazing to watch,You Inspire us all my friend, 🙂

  10. Thanks for putting these videos together! I’ve been wondering if you can convert an expressions…I wait in anticipation. Oh, btw, you are HILARIOUS! I enjoyed watching you convert your machine. I plan to watch more of your videos bc they are truly entertaining and informative. We would get along so great. 🙂

    Thanks again for doing this!

  11. Oops! Just realized that I don’t have to wait for video #3 bc it’s already been done by you! LOL

  12. shortie617 says:

    I love the idea for the cricut fake!!!!

  13. Can you use your machine without removing the parts?
    That way if I wanted to use the machine for paper cutting, I still could do that. Thanks!!

  14. I have never ever done this in my LIFE I am getting worried But I was talking to U while U was doing this..LOLOLOL
    What about a MAGIC ERASER to clean the ink off.. ANd What if U got somebody at a machine Shop to cut some of the blade off..:O)
    I am really enjoying these videos.. THANK UUUU

  15. Bob Thomas says:

    My wife and I just bought a Cricket Cake and since it is a Christmas gift we won’t be trying it out until after of course Christmas. We do projects with the kidlets and they love it. We have the older smaller version of the Cricket, I think you call it the Bug and we have linked it up with the Gypsy that we just bought 6 months ago. Have you ever heard of anyone converting the cricket cake to cut paper. We have the deep cut blade holder and blade for the Bug. Dying to hear back from you.
    Great work on your site.

    1. Hey Bob,
      Yes, many people have turned their Cricut Cake into a paper cutting Cricut. It can be done. The only drawback for many people is that it sort of nulls the whole idea of food safety that the Cake is known for. 😉
      I think it’s awesome that your whole family is enjoying using the Cricut. 🙂 I’m looking forward to buying the Cricut Cake Mini (even though I made myself a Fake). 😀

  16. Bob Thomas says:

    Fantastic. The BUG has size limitations in that the mat is only 12 inches and the Gypsy allows us to take full advantage of any size dependant upon the mat.
    With the cake I get 24 inches. Can hardly wait for Christmas.

  17. angelztreazurez says:

    What exactly do I need to purchase to change a small cricut to a mini fake ??? Just blades or do I need the deep cut housing ?? Kinda confused :Z

    1. Angelztrazurez,
      In the video I used the Deep Blade Housing and deep cut blade. I used the Expression, but I don’t think it would be any different for the smaller Cricut. 😉 Before you buy the deep cut housing, try the regular one just to see how it works for you. Also, you don’t have to cut off the rollers, just roll them to the sides. 😉
      Best of luck!

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