52 Postponed a Week

Hey everyone!  I’m so sorry that my new craft video series has to be postponed this week.  Unfortunately, I had to have an emergency root canal (OUCH) and then I had a reaction to the antibiotics they gave me.  So, I’ve been feeling pretty bad for the last few days.   I still have to have a little more work done in the dentist chair this week but then I’ll be all fixed.   YAY!  I hope to have 52 back on track next week OR the week after next at the latest.  Thank you for your patience and your support for the new show!

Super Hugs, Joy

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  1. NO worries Joy! You take care of yourself and your tooth! OUCH!

  2. Oh no. I pray you feel better soon. And look forward to your new series. HUGS AJ-

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