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Cricut Imagine Halloween Treat Bag Happy Hauntings, Best Friends & Nursery Rhymes

I used my Cricut Imagine to create all of these images except for the stamp.  The “Ssss…weet” sentiment is from my Lots of Pun stamp set.  It worked perfectly for this bag of sweets that I’ll be giving to my friend and neighbor.  I also used Shrinky Dinks in my Imagine to create the pumpkin.  I’ll tell you more about how I did that tomorrow.  😉

I used the Happy Hauntings Cricut cartridge (on the left of the machine) to create the haunted house.  I just varied the colors by choosing from the Cricut Imagine’s Nursery Rhymes palette.

I like being able to choose different colors and prints and just use white paper.  I look forward to the Imagine having even more functionality.  I’d like to have more control over the parts of images that can be colored.

One thing that AMAZES me about the Cricut Imagine is its ability to cut really small and intricate things so precisely.  It does a better job of cutting out tiny things than the Expression.  Just look at the tiny windows it cut out of this haunted house.  The cutting ability has impressed me more than any other function of this machine.

Honestly, I don’t think I’d bother to print and cut a piece of yellow paper, unless I didn’t have yellow paper.  It was a little painful to have used ink to create that yellow paper and then cover it with yellow Stickles.  Oh well.

I used the Cricut Imagine’s Best Friends cartridge to get that image above for the background.  I didn’t change the colors at all because they worked well with what I had created.

I used my Crop a Dile Big Bite to attach the eyelets to the sentiment that I stamped.  I also used Zip Dry, pop dots and my ATG gun to glue everything down and to the bag.

Here’s a Video I Made about How to Use a Crop a Dile.

And now… I have a treat bag all full of Ssss…weet candy!!  Here it is up close:

I love using my Cricut Imagine or Expression to decorate gift bags.  It’s such a fun way to personalize a simple bag.

Here’s a link to a gift bag I created using Create a Critter.

Here’s a spider gift bag I made using Doodlecharms.

SEE YOU TOMORROW for More Crafty Ideas!


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  1. Awesome!!!! I wonder if I have time to make them for all the kids in my daughters Kindergarten class!

  2. Cute!! I need to get busy on my Halloween goodies. I just need to figure out what I want to do first. 🙂

  3. OK, stop giving me excuses to buy the Imagine! I love your bag and how you can print out any color on to the images on the non Imagine carts, that is really cool. My DH is gonna hate you!

  4. Definitely impressive cutting. Very cute. I’m curious if one ink color ends up emptying more quickly than the rest, requiring early replacement. I’ve only owned one printer that had a combined color ink cartridge. The waste really ticked me off, and I never bought another one.

  5. I missed when you got your Imagine. I would be happy to get an expression soon.
    love the stamps. I must get them too.

  6. its cute enough to be used as a princess castle too. my lil girl wants it on her wall. stickles in all. do they sell stickles in bulk. Oh my!!!!

  7. Love your gift bag and can’t believe we can cut shrinky dinks and have them all colored in at the same time.

    Katsews at Gmail dot com

  8. Great demo for the Imagine. I have a love/hate going on with it. Stil on the fence. I’m trying your in a pinch Imagine thing the next day or two. It the changing of the design colors that has me ticked off!!! Especially for the money!!!

  9. So cute!! The more I see what you do with the imagine the more I want one 🙁 Not sure I can talk DH into buying me one though.. LOL

  10. What a cute idea…I might just get some plain bags to start using for gift bags, instead of buying expensive already fancy ones. I have a few plain bright color ones in my current stash and I may have to jazz them up a bit 🙂

  11. Great idea! I love the haunted house. Thanks for much for sharing and for all the chances to win.

    mjrick1224 at yahoo dot com

  12. Love this Joy. Really cute. I do have question. It seems to me that everything I see printed and cut with the Imagine is sort of on the pale side. Is it just the way it photographs?

  13. You have the best ever ideas and your directions are easy to follow. Thanks for inspiring all of us!

  14. Very nice bag. I agree about the ink. Wish they had gone with the single color cartridges for the inks. When you use up all the yellow…just replace the yellow.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  15. Love it, I do not have an Imagine but this could easily be duplicated with the Expression! Thanks for the great ideas.

  16. You’re posting so many great ideas! I’m definitely going to do one of them for my girls for their school treats….but WHICH ONE?!?!?

  17. I am really going to have to try the whole shrinky dink thing…I have not used that since I was a kid. What fun projects you share. Thanks!

  18. WOW!! My Imagine arrived yesterday!! This may be a good start! Now if I only had the time! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Finally got through to leave a comment on this post. I love the treat bags. Can I have what’s inside of them!!! LOL

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  21. I have both SCAL and MTC software. SCAL is too confusing…still trying to figure it out.

    MTC is not quite as confusing, but still trying to figure it out also. Printed off most of the pages of the manual (I have to read instructions). Would be nice if I could find a complete tutorial (so many websites to sift through) that I could download and refer back and forth to learn the software. I’m not that computer literate and all the “mumbo jumbo” they have makes it difficult to learn. But, I’m patient. Just need a little help.

    That having been said, I think I’ll like MTC better once I can “master” it.

    If anyone knows of a link (YouTube or otherwise), please post.

    Thank you.

    P. S. Love the Halloween sign.

  22. Very cute. I don’t have the Imagine. Not sure if I’m ready to make that investment just yet.

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