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Glass Etched Salt and Pepper Shakers

You know that I’ll vinyl or glass etch anything that sits still long enough, right?  I had this funny idea for Thanksgiving that I would buy some salt and pepper shakers for our table and glass etch them with my and DH’s initials.  LOL!  I made him pepper since he’s spicy and fun.  I decided I’d be the old salty grouch.  LOL!  So, I’m salt.  HA HA…that still cracks me up.  We usually have about 20 people for Thanksgiving, so having extra salt and pepper shakers never hurts.  Best of all?  These cost about $3 at Target.

I created my template using the monogram feature from the A Child’s Year Cricut cartridge and vinyl.  I use Armour Etch Glass Etching Creme to do all of my glass etching.

Need vinyl?  I like to buy mine from Expressions Vinyl.

Want to learn more about using vinyl to create projects like this glass etching?

I teach you all about using vinyl and glass etching in my Cricut Vinylology DVD.  I even teach you how to glass etch on curved surfaces like wine glasses!  You can buy Cricut Vinylology right HERE.

Here is a link to other vinyl projects I have posted.

Come back tomorrow for another Crafty Post!!

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  1. These look great. I may try glass etching these year, my BFF loves doing it.

  2. I love those. Need to try etching again.

  3. I like these. I will need to try etching, the job seems to intimidate me. TFS!

    [email protected]

  4. Is it sad that every time Salt and Pepper’s… err I mean Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band is on, I stop what I am doing and watch it. I like this idea! Now I need to get over my fear of vinyl.

  5. jenleisen says:

    Ok – I gotta buy this video so I can learn how to do all of these fun things! You’re so inspiring, Joy! Thank you!

  6. Too cute. I have a set for my dining room table, but I do not have one for my kitchen table. Hmm… 🙂

  7. I love the etching, but I have yet to try it out for myself…even though I have all the stuff to do it!!! TFS…they look great!

  8. sy3_smith says:

    That is so crazy cute!

  9. Janet Licari says:

    Grouchy Salt and Spicy Pepper…hehe! Too cute.

  10. Thank you for sharing Grouch…i mean Joy!

    nginerd at gmail dot com

  11. I love the etching! I need to get the some etching cream and try this!

  12. Cindylu2u says:

    I love etching it’s so fun, I wish someone would come up with a way to etch in colors.

  13. CathyinMN says:

    Your shakers are cute! I would never have thought to put our initials on them, I probably would have only put on a P and S. I don’t think outside the box often enough, but I love how you do.

  14. Can’t wait to have time to watch the Vinylology DVD I got from my husband for Christmas.

  15. These look wonderful. I have etching cream and items I want to etch but have yet to try it.

  16. So super cute. Etching has become my best friend.

  17. jstspiffy92 says:

    I love this idea. I use old glass jars for my spices and this would be such a great idea. I saw your posting you had about etching the wine glasses so I though I would give it a try and now I’m etching everything, from cookie platters and 9×13 cake dishes, given as Christmas presents to wine bottles for my uncle who makes his own wine. Thanks for all of the useful posting and tips, you have taught me alot about my cricut, vinyl and glass etching. I starting out a newbie a couple of months ago with just a cricut personal cutter but have decided to turn my computer room into a scrapbook room and upgrade to an expression. Thanks again.

  18. sandrarena says:

    I bought some etching cream but have yet to try it. I do LOVE vinyl and used some frosted vinyl on a mirror for Christmas. It looked great and I could remove it when the holidays were over. Best of both world for me 🙂 BTW, Joy have you tried the new printable vinyl? I just ordered some and can’t wait to try it.

  19. CuddlyBunny says:

    Oh yeah, the etching bug is a bit addictive … the only thing that keeps me from etching every glass baking dish and storage jar I own is that I have only a small bottle of the etching cream and people keep asking for personalized wine glasses!

    Awesome to find something so easy, that is loved by family and friends!

  20. These look great, have never thought to personalise my kitchenware, my daughter would love to do this.
    Kim xXx

  21. Joydee1963 says:

    Joy,got to try etching ,Need to do wine glasses like you,Got anything with Joy on it? You don’t want let me know. Its stlll hard to find Joy on things, Joy

  22. harleychickx2 says:

    My inlaws would love this!!

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