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FaLaLa Iron On Vinyl Christmas Bag

FaLaLa Iron On Vinyl Christmas Bag

You can make a fun and festive holiday bag very simply using SVGCut’s Christmas Gifts Vinyl SVG Collection!  This is perfect for gift giving OR for shopping!  Need vinyl?  I like to buy mine from Expressions Vinyl.

FaLaLa Iron On Vinyl Christmas Bag
Today I’m using the Sizzix Eclips machine. I love it!

I’m using a bag that I bought at my local craft store.  I can’t remember if it was Hobby Lobby or Michael’s but it was one of those. 😉  I measured the size of my bag and decided that I’d size the vinyl to be about 10″ across.  I kept the size proportional and that cut the sides at about 9.5″.

Here are other projects I’ve made using the Sizzix Eclips.

FaLaLa Iron On Vinyl Christmas Bag

The Sizzix Eclips uses eCal software, so that’s what you see above.  Remember to put the vinyl SHINY SIDE DOWN on  your mat AND REVERSE the LETTERING or you will be super sad later.  Avoid super sadness, flip the lettering and cut shiny side down.  It bears repeating.

FaLaLa Iron On Vinyl Christmas Bag

For perfect vinyl cutting with the Sizzix Eclips, I set my blade to 2.  Need help using vinyl with the Cricut?  Check out my Cricut Vinylology DVD!

FaLaLa Iron On Vinyl #Christmas Bag

The vinyl I’m using has a clear backing.  I’m weeding it (removing the vinyl I don’t want to use from the vinyl I do want to use) directly on the mat.  I always use (my favorite) Fiskars Craft Knife for all of my vinyl work.  I used to work in a sign shop and that’s where I picked up that skill.  I think it works best for weeding, cutting, detail work…everything I run into when I use vinyl.

FaLaLa Iron On #Vinyl #Christmas Bag

Now I am removing the weeded vinyl from the mat.  This vinyl has a clear backing that also acts as a transfer tape.  It is slightly sticky.  I’ll lay this right side up on my canvas bag.

Here are other vinyl projects I’ve created.  You can also view them on Pinterest.

FaLaLa Iron On #Vinyl #Christmas Bag

I lined up the vinyl lettering like I wanted it and covered it with a teflon sheet to iron.  You can also cover it with a thin cloth.  I’m ironing on the cotton setting.

FaLaLa Iron On #Vinyl #Christmas Bag

If you’re using a vinyl like mine, peel off the clear transfer paper after you’ve finished ironing it down.  Some vinyls like this need to cool first, others don’t.  Be sure to learn about the kind of vinyl you are using.

FaLaLa Iron On #Vinyl #Christmas Bag

All done!  YAY!  Now I have a bag that is perfect to add some treats to and give as one big gift.  Be sure to check out all the pretty Christmas files that are part of this collection from SVGCuts!

Happy Vinyling!!

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