Pom Pom Cheerleading Gloves – Football Friday

Clown Gloves Optional Zone

Happy Football Friday!  Today I’m showing you a way to turn your ordinary gloves into some team themed tiny cheerleaders.  Well, at least you can have cheer fingers.  As it turns out, all my gloves are leather so for demonstration purposes we are NOT going to use my good leather gloves, we’re going to use Dollar Tree clown gloves that I bought just before Halloween for this very purpose.  You should use real gloves, unless you just want to be a clown.  I’m not judging.  LOL! 😉

Fabri-Tac ROCKS for gluing fabric!

 Remember when I made ton o’ pom poms?  Click HERE for a tutorial on how to make them.  I think they’re fun to make!  Well, I’ve found this fun way to use them to help cheer your team along AND keep your hands warm.  Simply make some small pom poms, glue them to the finger tips of your gloves using Fabri-Tac, let it dry and TA DA…tiny pom pom gloves.  Now you can cheer without having to actually jump up and down…or get cold hands!

Close Up

I feel a cheer coming on!

The Fab Five

It’s  not easy to cheer and take photos of my own hand. 😉

We’re in a Huddle.

 I get along with all of the cheerleaders in my squad.  Sometimes the thumb likes to go out on her own doing that whole “thumbs up” routine.  She’s sort of a show off but is, in general, a team player.

The Uniform

You could make these for a cheerleader and they would look so cute PLUS their hands would stay warm during the games!  Silly as they look, I think they are a fun and functional item.   They are definitely going to help me cheer Alabama on during this weekend’s game!

Have a Happy Weekend!

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  1. crystalsnap says:

    Now that is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. I don’t attend any games but thats so cute!!!!


  2. Super cute, Joy! I don’t go to any games either but these are cute enough to wear anyway. What a fashion statement they make! LOL Since you love making pom poms so much, did you happen to see the pom pom turkey place card holders on Martha Stewart’s craft page? They are adorable and Steve Harvey is her guest for that segment of her show so you have to watch the video too! I can get a link if you want to see it. They look pretty easy to make and you already have the pom pom part down pat!

  3. Joydee1963 says:

    Joy,A little Cheerleader would love those! Great project.I am # 50 follower!!!!!Joy

    1. Thank you Joy! (Um, no…I’m not talking to myself, LOL!)

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