Cricut Pooh Halloween Card

I created this Winnie the Pooh card using my Gypsy and 4 different Cricut cartridges.

I’m so excited that the most recent update to the Cricut Imagine makes it work with the Gypsy.  Sadly, it only cuts with the Gypsy and doesn’t have color functionality with it yet, but I’m sure that’s coming.   I just had to use my Gypsy along with my Imagine and try out the new update.  So, that’s what I did!  This whole card was created with my Gypsy and cut with my Imagine.

Here’s the Gypsy working with the Imagine!  Oh, to have color + Gypsy…I can’t wait!!

The Imagine mats aren’t very sticky and I got tired of ruining paper, so I added some EZ Dots repositionable adhesive to the mat.

One nice thing about using the Gypsy with the Imagine, at least for me, is that it’s easier to load the mat pressing go on the Gypsy while pushing the mat.  That’s because you can put the Gypsy wherever is easiest for you, instead of just dealing with the lid all the time.  Am I the only person who wants to rip that lid off and work on it more comfortably?

I got a message on my Gypsy that it had lost connection with the Imagine.  I tried a few things to reinstate the connection, but what worked was pulling the cord out of the top of the Gypsy and then plugging it back in.

As you can see, Pooh didn’t come with that witch hat originally.  There is a witch hat on that cartridge, but I decided to go with the hat from Happy Hauntings instead.  The purple background is where I welded everything together.  I then applied all the separate parts to the background for stability.

Now I’m cutting out the log that Pooh will sit on.  I set the blade to cut this design twice, using the Gypsy.  Want to know something funny?  When the Imagine cut twice it would cut a line (for example) then recut that line.  Then it would move to the next thing.  Normally, the Cricut Expression would cut everything, then go back and cut everything again.  It was weird!

Stickles & Zip Dry…what would I do without them?

Pooh’s trick or treat pumpkin comes from the Mini Monsters cartridge, the Jack o’ lantern and the moon come from the Oct 31 cartridge.  The pumpkins and moon were made using foil cardstock by American Crafts.

I used a Martha Stewart spiderweb punch for the top of this card.  The black and green background is two pieces of glitter cardstock.  It’s best to do a multi-cut of 2 when cutting glitter cardstock.  Zip Dry paper glue is a life saver (or at least a craft saver/sanity saver) when it comes to gluing glitter cardstock to glitter cardstock (and tons of other things too).  I used Stickles on both pumpkins and the hat. That was fun! I haven’t made Pooh before. Now I need to make Mickey Mouse…and the Princesses…Batman…Superman. Good grief. LOL!

I Hope You Have a Super Day!


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  1. I love Pooh and this is so cute! Thanks for the inspiration – I have to try all of the princesses, toy story characters, and mickey’s that I have too!

  2. Great details. Your SIL will surely love it. Interesting to hear your “unvarnished” opinion.

  3. pooh is ok if it was tigger it would totally rock lol may have to try this today 🙂

  4. Not a big Halloween lover, but I love Pooh! I have the Pooh and Friends cart and love it! Made an A-B-C book for my grandson and will be making one for my granddaughter in the not-to-distant future!

  5. I love this cute card! I bought this cart because my new granddaughter’s nursery is decorated in Pooh. I cased your card (changed the hat, moon and pumpkins etc.) to send as a first Halloween card for her. I enjoy my Expression. Thank you very much for sharing and inspiring!!

  6. SO SO SO SO CUTE!!! Love it. I’m confused about what you were trying to say about cutting twice.

  7. I had bought some glitter paper but hadn’t cut it yet Thanks for the tip! Kathy

  8. This is SO cute. I love Winnie the Pooh….

    And I don’t know what I would do without my Stickles either!!!! (It’s all your fault Joy! I used to be able to function in an unblinged world. Now I want to Stickle everything!!)

    TTFN! 🙂

  9. As someone who is new to the G, I didn’t think about welding anything besides letters together!!!!! Oh the possibilities that have just opened up to me!! LOL! I think this card is super cute!!!

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